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JUst an FYI for anyone thinking about tackling the JR morning tournies over the next week or 2.

Their Mon/Wed/Fri tourneies that normally start at 10:00, are starting at 8:00 (reg begins at 6:00). Yes, that's a.m.

They are also $50+$10 ($20 rebuys on Mon/Fri) so the kitty gets reasonably big. YEsterday there were 74 entries. They scheduled to pay 6. Total pool was just over $6K. (The final table split it 11 ways and they all got just under $600 each.)

I didn't get to play because I got there at 8:00 to register for the 10:00 tourney only to find the room full and the starting gun firing. Wasn't reall happy about getting there that early to find that they changed the schedule for the holidays, but at least I was able to get on the first cash table opened (about 90 mins after tourney start) and avoid the 3 page waiting list.
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