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Had a very quick roller coaster ride that featured 2 very big extremes.

Got seated in the lone game running at about noon. The infamous Wizard was at the table and I was half dreading, half looking forward to get a first hand glimpse of his game. He was only there for about an orbit - he jumped on the newly opened 3/6 game and promptly bought $500 in blue chips to start the game. What a piece of work.

I sat down and started dragging pots pretty early and often. Didn't have to go to showdown much, so my game was pretty mysterious. When I did get to show down, I was showing winners, so I was getting some pretty good respect after a while. The table comp was one of the better comps I've seen there, but there were a few very readable contributors which kept several of us full stacked.

I really don't remember how I got there, but by about 2:30 I was sitting on nearly $600. I hit an open ender on one guys set for about $150 of it. The rest were just a series of solid $50-$80 pots. Nevere in any real trouble if I got seriously involved and was usually able to muscle my way through any slightly marginal hands.

the cards went a little cold for about an hour so I sat and watched and then I started catching cards again. Unfortunately, that was bad news.

The first hand that started chipping into my empire was from the BB holding KJ. the flop came 4T4 and was checked around. The turn brought me a J and I bet the pot. Got raised by this kid who I've seen quite a bit and is reasonably solid. He'd been showing a lot of marginal hands, but I gave him credit for something like AJ (maybe even only a QJ type hand). So I called. The river brought another 4 giving me the top boat (aside from a JJ or TT). I figured I was chopping at worst and fired $50 at the pot. He quickly raised me $50. Fearing a JJ or TT I just called. THen he flips up 74! Fucking 74! (Of course it was suited....)

Alright, it could have been worse, but it still stung a little. Stack was till above $400, no big deal. A few hands late I hooked up with QQ on the button. The pot was raised and I came over the top x3. The original raiser called. The flop was a horrid KKx. The raiser checked it to me and I checked through hoping to catch my set. The turn was a blank, and he fired $20 at the pot. Sucking me in, or testing me? I gave it a little thought and called, still hoping for deliverance. River blanked and he shoved his last $100 in. I really wasn't sure where I was at. He played it exactly how I might have played AK, but he could easily have had less than my queens. I hadn't seen a lot of his hands - he was pretty aggressive, but didn't seem to be out of line. I decided to make the laydown and still don't know if it was a good laydown or not. I really hated the way I played the hand post flop - I never gave myself a chance to get any info. A bet on the flop or a raise on the turn would have given me some info (unless he flopped Quads) and I just turned into a passive fool. An hour later (after seeing some of the hands he was pushing), I would have called, but didn't have enough info at that time.

I was still up about $250, so no real harm. After that I drug a few and dropped a few adn kept my tight powerful image alive. Then the shit hit the fan and blew it right back in my face. I'm in the SB and wake up with KK. The 74 kid made one of his tyipical $10 raises. He'd been raising about twice an orbit, often with very marginal holdings. I raise him uot to $30 which turned into an automuck for everyone behind me. He went all-in (he was one of 2 that had me covered). I didn't even think about it - I just called and flipped up the cowboys. (I can't imagine that I would have done anything different even if I spent 20 minutes thinking about it.) I didn't even consider that he might have Aces. QQ? Sure. JJ? Seen a lot of people overplay JJ preflop to avoid a flop. Nope. He had the rockets, and $300+ of my money in the pot. Fuck me. The board brought no help at all. The only thing it showed was that I was pretty much screwed no matter what he was holding. Both a Q and J hit the felt, so even if my read (quick as it was) was right, he would have sucked out on me.

So, in about 2 hours, I managed to get bit for nearly $600. Only $100 came out of my pocket, but I have to admit to have been thinking about another glorius "sure kicked their ass again" post so it felt like it was worse. I probably should have taken a break and came back, but when I get "that feeling" (the one that makes believe that it just ain't gonna work today), it's better that I just leave. Besides, my $100 rebuy would have been a pretty tough play against a $800+ srack. So I came home early rather than risk some serious steaming.

I wasn't real ticked off about the AA-KK thing - I know it happens and it's gonna happen again. It was prety unlucky that it had to have been one of 2 players that would have really hurt me (the rest of the table was below $150). I'd play it the same again (KK is just not going in the muck against one player who;d been showing much less all day), so I can't be mad at myself for a bad play in that hand. Just some brutal bad luck to wreck a great early part of the session.
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