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Taking advantage of the long weekend, I headed up to Jackson Sunday afternoon for a little action. I got up ther around 3:00 and was seated in the only 1/2 game going at about 4:00. they had 2 3/6 games going and one 2/5 game going as well. (Another 3/6 opened shortly after I got there, and another 1/2 game was opened shortly after I was seated.)

Having an hour to wait, I made a point of railing the 1/2 game (it was right up front) so I got great reads on all of the players before i even played a single blind. (If YOU don't do this, you're giving away a lot of free edge. I see so many players go downstairs or do nothing but sleep or read or veg while they are waiting to play. One guy was even doing homework AT the table rather than watch the action between hands - I just don't get it.)

Aftre 3 or 4 orbits of just watching, I hooked up with KK (from early position - where else!) and made a slight raise. the flop came an ugly 678. I fired a pot sized bet and was called by a new player in late position. He could have had a lot of hands that liked that flop, but I put him on a straight draw. The turn brought another 8. Well, I was ready to bail. If he had something like A8, he just got there. I checked and he checked through. Hmmmm. Stright draw it is. Sure enough, the river brought a T (making his likely 9 good). I checked and he bet enough that I just couldn't keep him honest. He may have played me (or put me on a a big A hand) but I just didn't know (another encounter with a new player) so I trusted my read on this very ugly board and tossed my hand into the muck.

After that, I made some slow steady progress, nothing big, but no real trouble after the cracked Cowboys. The biggest of the fishies were busted out before I was seated, but they kept coming back. I was playing pretty solid but made a couple of brain fart mistakes, fairly early. I actually mucked a winner at showdown on one hand. I had been fishing on a flush and striahgt draw and failed to recognize that the river actually gave me top pair. The guy I was calling down checked the river. "I got nothing" and mucked my cards when he showed me his hand. About 30 seconds later, I realized what I had done. DOH! What an idiot.

I was up about $150 when a big hand came down against this same guy. He had raised before the flop, and I had AQo in one of the blkinds so I called. The flop came AKx with 2 spades. I bet out at the pot and he just called. (This guy was real tricky and real splashy - hard to put on a hand.) The turn brought another spade. I knew if I checked he would make a big bet regardless, so I fired a pot sized bet. He suddenly shoved $200 at me. Fuck. I had the nut flush draw, top pair with probably the best kicker, but he couls have had many hands that beat me. I thought for a long, long time. Calling this would mean nost of my stack. I flipped up my top pair and big draw hoping he would cringe or something, but he wouldn't give anything up. It was about a 50/50 chance tht he had goods or had a hand and I needed to hit one of my 7-13 outs. The pot was only about $80 including my bet, so I just couldn't pull the trigger on $200. I'll be thinking about that hand for a while, because deep down (especailly after wtahing him over the next several hours) I think he took advantage of a turn scare card and stole that pot from me, but I have no regrets about the laydown.

A little later after a little bit of bleeding, I managed to triple up when I landed a set of 7s. I didn't slow play them at all and managed to get 2 callers on my flop raise and all-in turn. I had about $100 in front of me at that time. Turns out, one of the fishier guys got unlucky and had flopped a set of 6s. I'm not sure what the other guy had.

Another big hand a little later didn't go my way. I held A7 on the button and saw the flop come A76. The guy who hahad put me to the test on the AQ hand, fired a small bet. I raised him up and the SB c/r me. the opener found out what he needed and ran away. I looked over at SB's stack and he had about $80 left. I put him in and he called very quickly. "You have a set?" when I flipped up top 2 and he siad he couldn't get away from his A6.
"Sorry man, tough break."
"You don't need to apologize."
"I know - and it ain't over yet..."
No sooner had I uddered that last statement then I look upo to see the dealer placing another 6 on the board. Fuck. Unbeliveable. Nice 2 outer.
"I threw a 6 away" says my neighbor to my right.
Better yet - a one outer. Wish I could say it was my first, but it wasn't and I was steaming a bit. Not bad, but I got up for a little break to let it go. Fuckin' one outers, man that shit kills me!

I went on a another slow and steady climb and managed to get back up to near $300. The table had pretty much turned over, so I had to go back into training the newbies mode, waiting for good cards. I went and grabbed some grub at about 7:15. Came back 20 minjtes later to find that they were about to pick me up. I some how missed 3 blinds in 20 minutes. they don't usually get 30 hands an hour let alone 30 hands in 20 minutes. I made it bacl in time - barely. I sure wish these places would figure out a way to let you step away from the table for 30-45 minutes without having to get back on a 4 hour list.

I came back from dinner and caught another slow, steady climb and basically floated between $250 and $350 for the rest of the night. At one point (10:00ish?), we got 4 new players all at once and I was starting to think about leaving. But I decided to stick it out for awhile. After about 2 hours of not really playing a hand, I hooked up with QQ (again in early position). I made it $15 to go and got 7 callers. Unbelieveable. The flop came 97x with 2 spades. I decided to shut the door right there and shoved $200 at a $100 pot. And there were a couple of guys who actually considered calling. One of the new kids was thinking hard and heavy about putting his $130 or so to come after me. "Hmmm would he have had a 9 in his hand?" he mutters out loud. "If you're worried about a 9 you're in the wrong game" I thought to myself. He fianlly made a "great laydown" with his pocket pair (88?) and the rest of the table followed suit. Insanity, pure insanity.

Our table was so frenzied at times that we actually had the 2/5 table railing us for several hands. We had one hand with 2 guys all in for big stacks. The first on in had A7, was called by a guy with JT. The big stack at the table shoved his $500 in with AK and the JT guy put his last $50 in. It was about a $350 pot. The JT (I think he may have actually been a very slight favorite in that situation) won and we looked up to see half of the 2/5 table looking over our shoulders. Pretty funny.

I had one more pretty bad suckout from yet another new young fish. I got to see a flop from the blind with KT. ( I saw all of 3 flops from my BB that weren't raised in an 11 hour session!) The flop came K high. I fired a pot sized bet and was called by the fishy on the button. This was about his third hand so I had no read on him. Turn brought a blanky looking 6 so I fired another pot sized bet. He thinks a bit and shoves his last $65 or so, another $35 or so to me. I gave him some credit for a good hand (maybe a set?) but the price was not so much that I could get away from my decent (had a little glow to it) hand. I called expecting to lose to a set or flopped 2 pair. He flipped up K6o. WTF? I gave him a little glare and did the best "Nice hand" that I could muster. I gets pretty tough to sit for hours waiting for something remotely decent to play, only to get your few decent hands cracked. I was talking to the guy on my left and said something to the effect of "my hand wasn't that great but at least it was a real hand" I glanced over at the kid and he had a dazed look in his eyes like he had no idea what I was talking about. I think he figured it out a few hands later.

He had raised form late position (presumably with a "real hand"). He was called by just about everybody (pretty common). The guiy who gave me trouble with the AQ hand, ended up showing down a Q5s for a flush. the kid looked around like he never seen anybody play crappy cards before. I refrained form asking him how it felt.

I was pretty punchy after the K6 hand. It was nearing 3:00 and I had been at the table for the better part of 11 hours. I decided to pull the plug with $250 (+$150) and head home. Could have been much better, but anytime I drag extra chips away - especially after a long session of primarily littel temptation because of lot's of crap - it's a good session.
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