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JR 9/30

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Did a Friday eve. session up at the ranch last night. Nothing special for me other than it wasn't a nightmare disaster.

Got up ther at about 5:15. Waited about 30 minutes for the second 1/2 table to open. table went betwen being totally live to totally tight. I seem to get in those grooves where the pot is raised every time I limp or have a blind which is pretty frustrating when there are quite a few limped pots when I am out of the hand. went into "waiting for monsters" mode because of it.

Dropped $30 on an AQ from the BB (that wasn't raised) and couldn't get a check raise on the A high flop. Bet the pot on the turn got a couple of callers. Got raised on the river on a cheesy final board and threw it away. Don't know what he was pushing but a possible straight came on the river, which also seems to mean 2 pair so I tossed it.

Lost the rest of my stack when I called a small raise with JT in late pos. Flop was T high and riased the raiser all-in. I didn't have enough chips to get him off his Rockets (said he would have laid it down if I had more money, but his call was pretty easy. Almost sucked him out, but wound up digging instead.

I finally got the table trained enough to be able to push an unimproved AK to a no show down (took an $80 bet to do so though). Built up to evenish and then lost a chunk to a kid who had called a PFR with KJ and he flopped 2 pair to my big slick. I gave the kid too much credit for being a little more solid - I thought we'd be chopping when he called my raise.

Was fortunate enough to swipe one kid's brand new stack when he flopped an underset to my top set 9s. Laid down TT to another kid's preflop shove (admitted to having QQ when I pressed him a little).

Few pots here, few pots there walked away +$60 after 4 1/2 hours (had to get up early today, so it was a scheduled early night).

Like I said nothing remarkable, but I'll take it.
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