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Well I seem to have slipped into the "can't do anything right" rut of my game right now. Did another Wed. session yesterday wiht more mind numbing punch in the guts results.

Got there at about 2:00 and was immediately seated in the short 1/2 table that probably hadn't been running too long. GOt some decent hands right away, but couldn't hook up and there were a couple of pretty aggressive players running the show, so I was being patient and getting away from anything that didn't feel like a winner.

2 or 3 orbits in, I hooked with my new "favorite" hand JJ. There was a raise from a guy in EP who had been raising quite a bit, a caller in front of me. I pumped up the $6 raise to $18. Original raiser runs away the caller shoved his $45 stack. I really didn't put him on a big pair, but started getting that feeling, but was compellet to call the extra $27. He flipped up QQ so I was behind. Poorly played IMO, but it was working out for him. I hit 3 hearts (one of my J was heart) on the flop so I got a little life. Turn filled up my flush, but... it was the Q. Now he had a boat draw and right on cue, the river paired the board. A double-reverse suckout. Welcome to the darkside.

A little later, the guys on either side of me who had been doing battle since before I got there were going at it. The guy to my right was overplaying his hands grossly and the guy to my left had been pushing his stack around (came to find out his check raises were primarily bluffs) and they were into it again. Guy on right went all-in on left guy's c/r and left guy needed to add $73 to match the all-in. He called without stacking chips and lost to guy on my right's weak 2 pair. THe dealer gave him the count. HE stacked up $70 right in front of him and tossed in a $5 to get change for the $3 part of the bet. The dealer flipped him $2 and he began stacking those chips into the $70 infront of him and started to put it all back in his stack. Neither the dealer or the winner of the pot seemed to notice this. I spoke up and stated what had happened and I think it was just an innocent move, but if I hadn't spoke up, the guy would have got away with murder. Un-believeable. I'll add this guy (dealer) to my "dealers that I hate" list. There's only a couple of really incompetent dealers up there, but those few are really bad.

I drug a few pots and got nearly healthy. A few orbits later I called a raise form the same preflop raiser with A9s on the button. Again, there was a caller between us. Flop came 399. Looked pretty good to me. Raiser checked, caller fired a $20 bet and I raised to $60. He called immediately, all-in ($1 short) and flipped up 33. Nice. I had few outs and the turn took 3 of them away when the case 3 filled him up, and in a much less than surprising turn of events, ther iver did not bring the case 9. Down to $25, I shored up my stack.

I avoided the punking for a while and di d littl punking of my own. I called a pfr (from the same guy who had been raising ) with a 89s. I flopped 2 pair and c/r the flop with my entire $50 stack and tripled up.I hit a BB special when my Q3 hit 2 pairs and I managed to get a couple calls on my flop c/r and no callers on the turn. I hooked up with a flopped nut flush and managed to get the pre-flop raiser's entire stack when he figured I had to be bluffing against his TT. At that point I was actually up about $40 for the session. The profits would last exaclty one hand.

I wake up to pocket TT and call a moderate raise from the pretty solid kid who had the 33 earllier. Flop came 9 high and he opened for $40. I pondered for a bit, trying to figure out if he had an overpair or just a big A. I finally decided to raise him - I've played with him enough to know his game is very similar to mine - if he had just a big A, he'd likely fold and would raise if he had the overpair. His entire stack was in the pot before I could count out my $40 raise. "Guess I found out what I wanted to know." and threw my TT away. I think I should have just called and hoped to spike a T on the turn, but I like to find out where I am as soon as possible and I'm 98% sure he had KK or AA.

A few hands later I got JJ yet again and agian had to call a pfr. The board came AQA. Opened in front of me by the loose player to my right, I opted to just get away from them right away. The pfr guy shoved his last ~$65 and wasn't called. He claimed he could beat the naked A that was (inapropriately) shown on one of the mucks. (For those of you keeping score, that's 0 for my last 13 hands starting with JJ or TT.)

I got a couple of small pots with QQ and little action, then went to sleep for about an hour. Nothing that even tempted me for a long stretch. Finally I get a few hands, drag a few small pots and have a sudden table image that I'm playing every hand for 5 or 6 hands. I hooked up with AA in late pos. and raise them up. One of the regulars who always seems to build his stacks despite playing way too many hands comments "You went to playing nothing to everything?" "Yeah, gotta shift gears once in a while." Snicker, snicker, chuckle, chuckle. He called my raise.

Flop came Q97 with two spades. He checked, I bet the $20 pot and he flung a c/r back in my face. Jeez, what kind of crap did he hook up with? It felt like he was trying to c/r me off my hand with an AQ type of hand so I shoved my last $120 at him. He quickly called. "I'm in trouble, which set did you hit?" He didn't answer and didn't flip his cards when I exposed my Aces. Hmmm, he's on a draw? Turn brought the A spades which of course, filled up his JT spades (he turned his hand up only after if was made). I did not recieve the benefit of the double-reverse suckout that I had fallen victim to earlier and so my chips went sliding across the table. He had a lot of draws (open ender and a flush draw) but he couldn't have been sure that his spades were clean. He could have had as few as 6 clean outs for all he knew. H probably put me on about 95% chance of an overpair so counted most of his outs as clean, but I don't think he really gave it much thought. It's not an awful call if he was sure all 15 outs were clean, but a pretty bad call if he even thinks about the possibility of his spades being worthless. But I guess it really doesn't matter, he made the call, he won, I walked. Luck beat the best hand in yet another of the "shoulda got me unstuck but got unlucky" pots series.

Just some more brutal "WTF do I gotta do?" poker.
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