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Went up to JAckson for a quick session yesterday. Got there at about 4:15 and was immediately seated in one of the 2 1/2 games they had running.

Caught my share of hands and pots but made a couple of very bad plays. I can't honestly usually say that, but for some reason I was controlled by my brain farts instead of common sense for a few brief moments.

The first, I had a suited A and called a slight raise from the kid to my left. The flop brought 9 high. I fired a pot sized bet into the raiser. He stammered and said something about having to move on this and raised me another $16 all-in. I called the puny raise and flipped up what I thought to be A9. It was actually an A7 and I had nothing. It wouldn't have mattered, as he had QQ and my top pair wouldn't have been good anyway, but it was still a $45 brain fart.

The second was about 2 orbits before I left. I had been running pretty good and was up about $150. The guy (not quite a kid) to my right opened from UTG for a $10 raise. I looked down and saw QQ. To set this hand up a little, this guy had played with me a couple of weeks ago when I just ran over the table. We had been chatting and talking about hands and I had a very high level of confidence that this guy had a lot of respect for my game. His game is pretty solid and tight as well, so I gave this guy a LOT of credit for having a very strong hand when he came out of the blocks raising. At the moment he raised, I immediately put him on AA or KK with about an 80% confidence level. Well, I'm not gonna toss QQ for $10, so I decided to test him a little by raising it up to $25. At THAT moment, I figured if he just calls, I'm good, if he raises then I can bump up my confidence level to about 95% and toss the ladies.

The rest of the table folded back to my neighbor. He shoved his last $115 in. For some reason, the all-in shocked me and made me start thinking. I went into the tanke for a long time. Could he possibly be playing JJ or TT and trying to push me off a big Ace? After an eternity of trying to put the pieces together, I finally called and even as I said "I call", I just KNEW I was beat. I just couldn't shake the notion that he might be taking advantage of my perception of his respect. I just over thought the situation. I flipped up the QQ and sure enough, he had AA. We were informed by the table that one of each of our cards had ben mucked. His were black, one of mine was a heart, so I coaxed the dealer to give me a bunch of hearts. Flop came 7 high with 2 hearts. OK, nice start. (I knew I was never gonna get there, but it was fun to pretend.) Turn was the case A of hearts. The turn just took 2 of my outs away (the Q was no longer good and the 7 hearts would make him a boat. The guy was just going apeshit with my possible flush still alive. The river was a blank and his aces were good. The guy nearly collapsed from the tension build up and he drug my chips and put them in his stack. I congratulated him a on good hand, gave him a high five and we moved on.

"Thanks, but I'm sorry to take YOUR chips." :eek: Huh?
"Nonsense, young man, that's what we're all here to do."

He genuinely felt bad to have taken me for a pretty good hit. So while it was a very bad call on my part, I at least did confirm my read on him. Expensive information, but I just HAVE to get something out of it. ;) Amazingly, I was truly ambivilous about losing the $140 in that pot. I was truly enjoying the experience of the hand, win or lose. I guess the fact that I was 95% sure I was making a mistake, made it easy to deal with - I wasn't really expecting to drag that pot at any time during the hand.

In general, there was the usual bad play for much of the session. One kid Harry Potter (HP) (a Harry Potter looking whipper-snapper) sat down. I was in a hand with him with a K8 on the button (yes, it was suited ;) ). The flop came K high and it was checked to me so I fired. HP called. The turn borught what appeared to be a blank. HP check raised my $25 bet. I figured he was sitting on a set (there was no other reasonable hand he could have held form EP) so I easily got away from my bad kicker. The guy to my left came back from a break. "Oh that guy is here. He plays every hand, any 2 cards." Oh geez, here we go. A few hands later, sure enough he exposed a 93o to take down a rivered boat. OMG! He made a couple of All-in c/r bluffs a little later which really made me wonder about my laydown earlier against him. I got my chips (and more) bacj from him when he called 2 pretty sizable bets with a straight against my flush. He finally got tapped and left. Too bad, he was a ATM if I ever saw one.

There were several other very weak players at the table who would consistently lead $5 into $40 pots and just couldn't figure out why people would keep drawing out on them. This kind of stuff never ceases to amaze me.

A few orbits after I ran the QQ into the AA, I had to get on the road. I turned a $5 profit on the night (YEEEEE - HAW!), but had only myself to blame. I just gave away about $185 in a couple of brain-fart, senior-moment induced periods of insanity. Wish I hadn't, but I did. No biggie on the emosional scale, just have to remember the lessons that I paid tuition for.
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