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Since my scheduled game was cancelled due to lack of interest, I headed up to Jackson for the afternoon/evening. Got there at about 3:30 and had to wait anout 45 minutes to get a seat at the one 1/2 game they had running. There was a 3/6 game in progress and they opened a second 3/6 game at 4:00 so the place was a little dead. But that quickly changed. They had a second NL game going by 5:00 and there was lots of people hanging around to get in by 6:00.

I got seated at the first NL table. The guy to my left had about $600 in front of him, and there were a couple others That had ~$200. Everyone else was below $100 so I was not playing from way behind the whole table. I started out real slow, as seems to be the norm for me. There were 3 or 4 real aggressive fools at the table which made it hard to get at all playful. It felt like my chips were made of gold - every time I tried to limp, someone would fire a $20 raise. It got pretty silly after awhile. So after the first hour I just sat back and waited for very good cards. I had KK from late position and raised a $15 raise up to $45. He was one of the chip leaders but had little discipline. He called my raise. The flop came something like 9 high. He opened for $10 and I went all in for about $50. He quickly called and showed AK. My KK held up and I was nearly doubled up.

About an orbit later, I had TT on the button and made a $15 raise. I was called by 3 or 4 people including one of the real aggressive guys. The flop came all clubs. Great. I checked it through. The turn brought another club. And it checked around again. The river brought a Q which now put 3 cards to a straight to go with the 4 flush. The real aggressive guy fired $20 and I had to call it with my T clubs (third nut). He could have easily had a Q or a stright or a pair of nines - but he called my PFR with A3 clubs from early position and flooped the nuts. (Had the river been a 9 clubs, I would have had a straight flush, so his slow play almost got him into trouble.)

A couple orbits later I had 99 from late position and raised it up to $20. 4 or 5 callers and the flop came AKT. Uggh. There was a bet and callers ahead of me so I just let it go -no bet would have been big enough to push any of these guys off an A or K and my stack was not exactly dominant. After that, I was just watching and waiting for about 2 hours. Nothing, I mean nothing, worth playing. I went and grabbed some dinner and came back to the same crap. AS I was coming back from dinner, ther was all kinds of commotion coming from my table. It turns out I just missed a AA vs. KK vs. QQ matchup. The AA held up and 2 guys were digging for more money.

By this time, the other end of the table had eveolved into a bunch of younger guys (after we - well mostly "they" - seperated a couple of old timers from 2 or three racks. A couple I had played with before and a bunch of newbies. They (we had the our end/your end thing going) were having a little party down there and just having a grand time. (The atmosphere of the table was pretty fun all session.) Our end was doing lots of the "what's he got?" and play analysis yakking. I totally used these discussions to my advantage- when I managed to find a hand to see a flop and had position and, somehow, the other end was out of the picture, I was able to push my end of the table out with strong bets. The guy to my left was pretty weak/tight and the guy to my right was pretty solid, but respectful of my tightness. There weren'y many opportunuties to exploit this, I took advantage of the situation when I could.

The "leader" of the party at the other end was a kid named Nate. At one point, he decided to make sure and introduce himself to all the other "kids" down there. I asked him if they were all gonna get a room later. They all groaned and laughed and asked me if I was jealous. We were just having a generally good time.

I'd seen Nate there before and he's a pretty solid and aggressive player. He would push chips around at just the right times and was aware enough to get out of the way when it was time. He was one of the 3 or 4 culprits who would raise any time I had limped or was in a blind. I was pretty vocal about my chips getting stolen, so the guys who were paying attention knew to be worried if I got involved. About 7:00, Nate threw a $20 raise out and I called with 88. One of the other splashers went all-in for $37 more. Nate called. As I was trying to decide if I wanted to risk the better part of my stack on 88, the all-in guy flipped up his AJ, thinking he was heads up. KNowing that I was ahead of him and that Nate likely had AK (or similar), I decided to call. The flop came TTx. Nate checked and I checked it through. The turn brought a blank. Nate checked again and fired my last $50 into the pot. He ran away (as I thought he would) and I flipped up the winner. That hand got me healthy. I was back up to nearly a rack ahead.

The rest of the night, the table played like a 3/6 game. Players would limp for $2 and then call a $20 or $30 raise without blinking. It was just amazing. For the most part, the loosey-goosey splashers were getting their due. They'd hit a couple of lucky hands and get up a couple hundred and then be digging for more a few orbits later. I wasn't getting much of it, but the chips were leaving the fish ponds.

On one hand (must have been before the 88 hand), my left hand neighbor raised to $10 in EP and I called with QJo after a couple of other callers. The flop came J high. I fired $20 -hoping my neighbor had a big A that didn't hit. He did and folded, but this splashy Mexican guy called. The turn was a blank, I shoved ~$40 and was called by the Mexican guy. He turned up 96s and was hoping to hit (another) flush. I just can't believe the amount of money these guys throw at non-nut flush draws. My top pair held up this time.

I had one fishy moment myself. I was in the SB with 82. Ther were 6 or 7 limpers ahead of me. I made a point of counting the callers out loud and making a bit of a show out of my $1 donation. "72 lives!" called one of the splashers. I said "That's right baby." Right on cue, the flop hit 225. "There it is, you guys better watch out!" and the table erupted with laughter. I checked and sure enough, Nate fired $20 at the crappy board. There was a quick hush when I came storming out with a $50 check/raise. A little strong, yes, but I needed to now if he had a 2 because, my kicker was nothing to be proud of. Everyone behind me ran for the hills and Nate just gave me a deer in the headlights look not sure weather to shit himself or raise. Was I was trying to pull one over on him or did I really had the 72? He chuckled and released his A5. Because of the entertainment factor, I showed my crappy hand (I never show no-calls), but I was near done and it was a fun table. They all thought it was pretty classic and I made some money on crap. Works for me.

At around 9:30, I was getting tired. A real solid/tricky player sat down in Nate's spot and I wasn't up for wandering through his minefield, so I cashed out $123 to the good. I saw Bedrock planted in a 3/6 game and wished him well on the way out. So I survived yet another cold day at the table, and managed to pull something out of the evening. I'm starting to have a little faith in the "long term" theory - my patience is paying off.
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