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WEnt up to JR for some more NL action. Got in at 5:00 and was seated immediately at one of the three NL that was already in progress. I sat down between blinds, so I was dealt a hand pretty quickly. First hand AKs. Sweet. There was a raise from early pos. I called, and then another all-in (~$30 behind me. Orig. raiser called as did I.

Flop brought 2 to my suit and 2 broadway cards. Orig. raiser went all-in for his last ~$25 and I called with my big draw. Orig raiser had KJ, and other raiser had KT. There was a J on the flop so orig. raiser was ahead but it tunred out I had even more outs than I thought. Turn blank, river 5 to complete the flush. Sweet! First hand, + ~$80. Nice way to start for a change.

Waited for about 4 orbits to be able to play another hand, bled a few chips (down to about $150 stack) and I look down to fin KK in mid. pos. I rased it up to about $20 and got I caller behind me. The flop came J high, I opened for $30 and the caller raised me to $30. The caller was a young "home gamer" there with a bunch of his buds. He hadn't shown a real hand all session and was going on about how great of a day he was having ("$400 in my pocket from earlier today..."). He had shown a couple of stone cold bluffs, so I figured best he had was TPTK. I raised him all-in (another ~$40). He flipped up JJ for top set and I got no help. Sting. Nothing like getting lots of crap and then getting a great hand snapped by an underpair. Oh, well, move along.

A few hands later I was in the BB with JT and it was just me and the SB who had limped. The Sb had a bit of agro in him - not constant, but he seemed to make several "buy" plays thourhgout the night. Never really got a good feel for him, but I got the feeling he was one of those "gonna buy you out" type players. The flop came KJx. He checked I bet the pot and he raised me instantly. It felt like a c/r bluff so I moved all-in for my last ~$30. He called and flipped up K9 and it held. Not a horrific beat, but still poretty brutal for a heads up situation. Re-buy!

I limped along for a while and managed to hook up with a couple of pretty good hands (flopped a flush on a PFR's set flop, turned a flush on another PFR's -the kid who busted my first stack- hand) and got back to a little up for the session.

At one point, I heard some jabbering behind me and I turn around to see Quads and Snapper (aka Kid) suckin' on sodas waiting for seats for the games. Eventually, Snapper sits down at my table, to my left.

I was up about $50 in the BB with ATo several limpers and I check. Flop came 99T. I opened for the pot and got a call from an older guy who tlked a good game, but I really hadn't figured him out yet. Everyone else folded. Tuen brought an 8. I decided to keep pushing, hoping the old guy was on a flush draw. Bet $50, he called. Turn was a non flush blank. I pause trying to figure out what we was on. T no kicker? 9? Straight? I could not put him on a hand. I knew if I checked he would push me off my hand (no way I could call a big bet with a mediocre holding) so I decided to push it some more (Only likely way to win is with him folding) and he paused and just called. With oinly a call, I though maybe I was ahead, but he flipped up a straght (gut shot on the turn!) and I'm back down again. Pretty much the story of my night.

My session really has nothing else interesting to report. I floundered around the even point for much of the rest of the session. I was trying very hard to get in the action, but nearly everytime I got something worth limping with (I just wasn't getting any raising hands) someone would rais eme out or I'd just flat miss the flop. The action wasn't really condusive to bluffing as there were too many calling stations, so I pretty much sat back and watched.

Snapper sat down and went on a bit of a tear nearly immediately. Raise, drag, raise, drag, raise drag. He never showed a bluff (I knew he was buying some), but I think he was legitamately hitting hands. HE was up ~#300 within the first hour. He cooled down a little and gave someone else a chance for a while.

Then the table went into deep frozen space for about 1.5 hours. We couldn't build a pot bigger than $20 for anything. Several pots were going to the river without any bets and any bets immediately drug pots. I think everyone was getting the same cards as me, because it had been pretty lively for a while.

In the mean time, there was commotion over at Quads' table. Oh boy. What kind of trouble is he stirring up now? The floor was called over and the house authorized retrieval of cards from the muck to award a pot to someone other than Quads. I'm sure he can fill yo in, but it sure sounded like another "amateur hour" floor decision from what I heard.

A few minutes later, Quads cam bouncing over to our table and sits down. Leave it to Quads to stir the pot and generate action. His classic banter and splashiness woke everyone up and we were back to playing poker. Snapper decided to switch seats (I guess he was tired of beating on my blinds or something.) Quadsa got hot for a while and was up a couple hundred then ran into a Hagar. Not me, just one of my rediculous suckouts.

The flop had come 775. Ther was some light action with 4 or 5 players. The turn brought a 4. Ther were now 2 hearts and 3 to a straight on the board. A reall aggressive player, fairly new to the game, bet ~$40. Another newbir to the table went all-in for ~$80. Quads was next and had his patented "WTF is going on here, I got piece of this" smirk on his face. HE looks over at the agro and asks for a stack count. He had about another $150 and Qudas bet $200. Agro turned tail and ran. Quads flippe up 44 for a made boat. The all-in flips up 73 for trips. (Yes it was suited.) The rive brough the 73 kid a 3 outer 3 for a better boat and Quads was stunned. (Wlecome to my world). (That same kid drug another sizable bot with anoither 7x hand a little later - dam this game hurts my head.)

then Snapper went on a nother tear, during which he snapped AA, not once, but twice, bioth times with rivered straights. That's when I re-dupped him Snapper. The first one came after he raised the PFR all-in on the turn with an open ender and hit his draw on the river, the second one was a little different, but he got runner-runner after he had called another small-stack all-in. Ugly.

NExt hand, SBb with A2. Quads raised ("I guarantee THESE Aces wil not be cracked" after I warned about impending danger) and I let it go. (Just not hitting aything so why give the pot $10 free money?) The flop came A34, (3,4 clubs). I didn't really feel like my A woiuld have been good, so no regrets about laying down the weak ass Ace. There was some light action. Turn brought a 2. I would have had 2 pair, but with my luck Quads would have had 55 for a wheel and I'm still no good. Some more light action. River brought a 2 (clubs). oh man, jeez, ("Quads you so and so....") The kid who cut down Quads' boat with the 73 was all-in again. Quads went into the tank and finally let go of his hand (which turned out to be KK). I get his attention and give hime the old "discreet" "finger up between my eyes" routine thinking his splashy rau\ise cost me a decent pot. I quickly reteracted and blew him a kiss when the 73 kid flipped up 56 clubs for a straight flush. Pretty crazy stuff.

I looked down at my watch and it was suddenly 1:30. I need to stop looking at my watch late in a session because it suddenly make aware of tired I am. It's probably a good thing. I wasn't planning on being there that late, but with Quads and Snapper at the table I lost track of time. I decided to play a couple more orbits and get out. I was down about $40 and wanted desperately to get at least back to even. I tried limping a couple of times, but nothing developed except a raise behind me (and I was truly limping) so I couldn't get involved. About 2:15, pick up with $150 and cash out. I think Quads and Snapper were not far behind.

Not a horrid loss considering the handfull of tuff beats and a long night of honing my mucking skills, but disapointing none the less.

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a) I can't believe that guy saw the flop with 7/3o
b) I was stunned to see he caught that 3 on the river to make 7's full to beat my 4's full.

I had a made full house. Granted, not the nut full house, but a made hand. Sonofa........SNAP!
I made the raise to get Agro boy off his hand, as I knew the other cat had a 7 and that my full house was going to stand. Sure enough, Agro buy runs like Gump when I puch a stack of greens in the middle and PIST (Prick In Seat Ten) was too far in to the pot to not call at this point after his reraise and with what he had left in chips (another $75 or so)
That's poker.

There was great action on that table. Most of those kids could be read like a friggin book. Especially Agro guy across from me. Dude sitting to my left in the 3 seat was 18 years old and a few days. There spending his birthday money.

We ended up rolling out of there just a few orbits after Hag's did. The Kid was up about 2 and some change (I think) I basically broke even for the night. Had a nice stack of 4 or 5 hundy and then got a few hands snapped off. Seemed to be a pretty reasonable game with Hag's, the Kid and I all at the same table. I'm not interested in taking their chips as I am the other chips at the table. We all respected one another’s raises and for the most part stayed out of each others pots unless we had a monster hand, (see my pocket K's above and Hag's telling me I'm #1 in his book)

There was great action on that table and I'm glad I moved over there from the table I was on prior which was really tight and then 2 hands later, everyone was all in, then back tight again. The floor was called over to a hand where I started stacking a pot after turning my cards in when I thought that the other player had mucked when in fact he hadn't mucked. The dealer was pushing the pot to me and then the uproar started. Of course I get schooled by the 19 year old telling me how a muck is always face down and it's impossible to fold your cards face up.
What ever. I've forgotten about more games than you have played in your "poker career" at your wise and seasoned age of 19. STFU you little snapper head. So it turned out that my Top TP was no good against his set that he caught. What ever, that's poker and is what's to be expected when you sit down at a table where you are as old as two (or three in Hag's case) of your opponents.... combined...

Good times.

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Snapper, eh? I think I'll stick to "The Kid" for now... at least until I'm no longer in my 20's.

Very much a good game...

I got hot quickly after sitting down, and probably earned some respect since I was showing down good hands... didn't have to show quite a few hands for awhile after that, and was able to make some bluffs (small PP with overcards on the board) when I bet pretty big with position and stuff like that. Then Quads came over to stir up the game that had gone into some sort of weird ice age. I moved over to the other side of the table, hoping to catch some cards after being cold for 2 hours. Went to Quads' right, and we had a great time doing some crazy betting and jabbering it up to annoy the other players and sometimes take them off their game. Couple of decent players, most could be easily read, and of course the usual 18 year-old "ESPN pro" complete with sunglasses, talk, and superiority attitude. Always nice to teach those guys a lesson or 2. They don't seem to easily learn, though...?

I guess I did "SNAP" off a couple of big hands that night. Given the 2 times I broke AA, though, I had respectable draws. First time I flopped open-ender with my J9s, caught it on the river after semi-bluffing (not putting him on AA obviously... hey I never claimed to be good).

The other time where Hagar pointed out that I caught a runner-runner to snap AA was true, but my hand had much more value than it sounds. It ends up being 3 players, me Quads and some guy in between us. I have position with JTs, other guy had raised it. Flop comes a BEAUTIFUL 9T6, 2 diamonds (my suit), so I've got TP ok kicker, 4 to flush and runner straight. Quads leads out for something like $20 (he has 2 diamonds and straight draw I later learn), other guy raises like to $60 (almost all in). I think, then shove $100 out there, saying to Quads, get the F*** outta my pot, I don't want your $. He folds (he had tons of outs!), other guy calls and flips AA. Turn is a 8, giving me sooo many outs (7,Q,T,J, or any diamond!!!), river the Q and stack it.

So yeah, I'm gonna go back and check that place out. Good action from all the kiddies spending their allowances. $1/2 structure is fun because it allows you to all a number of "weak" hands (J7s, 23s, etc) in hopes of a monster pot. If someone comes over the top big, who gives a rats ass, you're out $2 (half of a starbucks).

Check it out.

PS- What stupid-ass people train the dealers and floor here? 60% or more of the dealers are incompetent, or maybe just don't care (a couple were not paying even enough attention to see when I checked and waited there looking at me after spacing out for 10 seconds.. this happened to me and Hags a number of times!!!), and the stupid-ass floor actually ruled to PULL A HAND OUT OF THE MUCK and award it the pot. WTF mate??? Right... that's my rant~

-David "The Kid", .... "Snapper" lol
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