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Headed up to Jackson for an evening session last night. This place just keeps getting juicier. (My ended up just slightly +, but I just have share some of the rediculous stuff that was going on....)

This young gun(YG) sits down with $60 and goes all-n on his first hand. GEts a call from a (bad, who had been running lucky for some time) calling station (CS). YG flips up 77, CS flips up A9o. CS hits a 9 and drags the pot. Kid gets up and comes back with $80. A few hands later he's all-in again. Gets called by fairly solid guy (FSG - who was just running over the table with great cards) All-in:QQ, FSG, KK. KK holds up. YG gets up and returns about a holf hour later with $100. Slays pretty reasonable for a while and then his buddy (Skippy - who appeared to have run over a 3/6 game earlier) sits down with $40 and they go into "silly, gambling, home game mode".

"Oh HE raised. I'm all-in."
He digs out $40 more - raises preflop with T8o, gets all-in on an ATx flop. Thinks he won on the river when an 8 hit, but he didn't "even notice" that his all-in opp. had AT.

This is where it got very strange and pretty ugly from "a respect for the game" perspective:
A couple of the short stacks were jabbering on about shoving blind, about halfway serious. Well eventually, YG decides that it would be fun and does (~$40ish?). HE gets a call flips up his cards and finds a T8, his Opp had K5o (WTF?). YG solved the mystery straight up by flopping the nut straight and that was that. All-In Blind: 1 for 1.

A few minutes later Skippy decided to throw his last $20 ALl-in in the blind. He gets called by an AT and Skippy flips up AK clubs. The flop: QJT clubs. He flopped a freakin Royal and made all of $20 for it. All-In Blind: 2 for 2.

5 minutes later YG decides to push his luck again. "All-in Dark, $55" I look down and have AQo. This is a no brainer call and I do. HE flips up Q6s. He's totally dominated. Flop is a rainbow XXX. Turn is a second diamond, River his back door blind suckout special diamond. It never seem to fail, wait for a spot, have much the best of it, get a stupid beat. Yada, yada, yada.

Well the kiddies didn't take long to give the free chips away to someone else. ONe of the seats was taken by an old "farmer type" super fish (OFTSF). HE sat down and started raising any 2 cards preflop. Not just playing any 2, but raising any 2. Once he had to start showing a few hands, he was in deep shit as we were going to eat him alive. IT was getting late (for me) and I was in my last orbit when this guy sat down. My very last hand (UTG) I get QQ. Yeah baby. I limp, let OFTSF build me a pot and then pump the pot to isolate. Limp, call, call, OFTSF raise $5, fold call, ME raise to $40. , fold, fold, OFTSF (slight hesitation) call, new kid to my right: "you trapped me didn't you?", fold." I love it when a plan comes together. ME and the super-fish heads up.

Flop comes JTx rainbow. I don't even hesitate, I just shove my remaining $80 and he thinks for a click and calls. We flip up. He shows, get this, 92o. Has nothing but a back door draw to a straight. No pair, no flush draw, no real dream even. I can't even begin to imagine why he called my $40 preflop, let alone the $80 on the flop. The turn brought a K, so now his rediculous hand actually had a draw to beat me, although it was only a 2 outer. Somehow, I manged to avoid the 2 outer and a drug the pot and picked up and left. Everyone (at "my" end of the table was just astounded that he could play the hand at all let alone for (relatively)big money. I just didn't even think about it, I just counted his money on my way out the door.

Amazing shit.

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While James and I were at teh Black Sheep last night getting suckedo ut by any two cards, we thought for a few minutes on where else to get our fix of cards. JR was one of the places we thought of. We shoulda gone there and gotten some of the crazy "all in" action.

Better than having a guy call you all the way down with top two pair (K/J) to made a 5 high flush when he needed runner runner.

Next time I'll hit JR, Dealers Choice or the 10/20 game at Pheonix.
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