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good job dude... tournies like that are always a minefield, and a $500+ profit with no rebuy and 1 addon is a great deal for you.. screw the IRS.

ive been up visiting my brother in chico, and we decided to hit up Feather falls casino... talk about loose horrible play!

i busted out of the $40 tourney, and managed to drop $300 at the 2/5 NL game... god i got sucked out 2 times... once my KK all in preflop got killed by an 88 that spiked the 8.. another time i was all in with AKs and the A3s called me and... of course... got the 3... dropped 500 this weekend overall (played a little blackjack too), but had fun and was already up over 1000 this week from 9/18 at capitol....

well, school is starting to get hard... playing cards will cease for me probably till winter break (dec 20), so ill be in the same boat as quads, but for a different comes first, ya know? take care all, and see ya around!

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