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After the tourney, I was feeling pretty good and was able to get seated immediately in one of the 1/2 cash games. In the early going, things were going per plan. Wait for hands, play them aggressivly and smart and drag the pots that were mine. For about 2 hours everything was on course - no major progress, but a pretty steady climb. I was up about $170. Nothing particular stands out, good or bad - things were just humming along.

But that's about the extent of the good news for the rest of the long, long night ahead. The poker gods abandoned my side and decided to go elsewhere. My cards went terribly cold. I bled a few chips on some marginal oportunities, but mostly practiced my mucking form. At about, 3:00, I decided to grab some lunch, hoping a little break would get me back on track. 20 minutes later I was back, but nothing had changed. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The table was pretty lively and fun and very beatable, but no ammo, no war.

Then, I moved into the "not just cold, cold AND bad" phase. I still had about $200 in front of me so the bleeding hadn't been terminal. I decided to limp from the small blind with T7 and the flop came KT4. It checked around to the button who bet. The bet was not convincing so I decided to take a shot at improving. I hit my 7 on the turn and check raised the button. He had bet $20 into something like a $60 pot and my c/r pumped it up to $60 ($40 more) which put him all in. He made the crying call (there wasn't too much arm twisting) and I flipped up my 2 pair. Being the little weasal that he was, he didn't open his hand. The river was a 4 and he suddenly jumped out of his seat screaming "Yes, Yes!" I groaned and wondered "what now". He flipped up KQ so the board pair gave him a better 2 pair. I shot the sarcastic "nice catch" at him and the little preppy decided to give me some lessons: "That'll teach you to call with middle pair!" I was so shocked at his rudeness that I couldn't even muster a good response. Skippy really pissed me off. You got lucky, OK? You made a pretty bad call and re-sucked out on my suck out. Just say 'thanks', or 'yeah, it worked out' or 'sorry' or nothing. If I wanted lessons from you I'd buy your book.

I took a quick break to calm down a little. In the back of my mind I knew I was still way up on the day and still up a littel in the cash game. The long stretch of cold cards was wearing on me, so the suckout on the first hand I'd played in hours just stung. I sat back down, still bemoaning the misfortune, but not letting it affect my game. I managed to grab a couple small pots, but pretty much remained in the cold seat.

My next major hand happend to feature Skippy again. The pot was raised preflop and I called from early position with 66. The raiser was in the blinds so I had position on him, but Skippy was behind me. I spiked a set on the flop, but there was a flush draw out there, so I just started pumping. Perflop raiser opened for something stupid like $10. I raised it to $30. Skippy called as did the raiser. turn was a blank, raiser was all-in, so I threw out something like $60, trying to get the draw off my back. Skippy called, raiser left. Turn was a diamond. I just shook my head and checked to skippy who made a $90 bet. Good work coach, you're sure to get some action with that bet. I just threw my hand in, and sure enough, Skippy had his flush with a 75s. Nice work, good hand, well played. Somebody please pull Skippy's straw out of my ass.

The night was getting long and the cards remained cold. I was now dwon and against the wall on my original buy-in. Since I had been there since 8:15 am I had noi intention of investing anymore into the game. I kept battling and made enough of a comeback to get unstuck byt about 10:00. I comptemplated taking my break even and leaving, but hell, I was freerolling it and decided to press on for a little while longer, figuring the poker gods had returned for a bit to help. The guy to my right had been running about as cold as I was, but was hanging in there. He had to rebuy after a desperation shove so he was on the comeback trail.

The table had calmed down (ther had been quite a bit of raising before the flop for some time) and we were back to 75% limping mode. I limped with A7o from mid position and managed to flop 2 pair, again with a flush draw. Rather than risk letting people in cheap, I started pumping right away. Pot size raise on the flop. My right hand neighbor called. Turn was a blank, check to me and I made another pot size bet. He pasued and gave it the "WTF, let's gamble" call. River broughta the flush. He tossed his last $30 in and the pot warranted a crying call. He flipped up 52s. "Are you kidding me?" You're making very marginal (at best) calls with that weal of a draw? Very frustrating as he had been exhibiting fairly solid play most of the night. He had to pick that hand to get fishy on me. Thanks.

I was tired adm rather than drag the $21 in front of me downstairs, I decided to find a hand, get it in and get better ot go home. I found QT in the BB and decided to let it make up a few tourney exits to me. 8 or 9 had limped and I tossed it all-in, hoping it would just chase the field. Yeah right. 2 callers. the board brought nothing that helped anybody, but their K high hand fought over kickers, so their crap was better than my crap. Goodnight, good luck see y'all later. I went down and cashed out the tourney winnings which I thought would lift my spirits a little. Sure putting $600 in my pocket helped a little to ease the pain of a $100 drop, but for some reason the way that it went down, still left me shaking my head a little on the way home. I pretty much got over it on the way home. I figured dropping a $100 dollars on a very long session, most of which was very cold, was almost a victory in itself and figured it was a good way to get some bad cards behind me.

Head cleared and reasonably happy, I startedf gearing up my head for Omaha Al's mixed game on Saturday night, figuring the cards would HAVE to improve.......
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