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JR 11/11

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Day off, headed up to tyr my luck again in the rebuy tourney. As you may be able to tell by the timing of this posts (there are probably still 4 tables going as I write this), things did not go well. Okay, that was an understatement. Nothing went well.

First hand was raise from $50 up to $150 everyone folded to the raiser. 2nd hand, I get 99 and pump it to $200. Gte one caller. Flop came KTx. Caller checked, I bet $400 and caller came over the top. Easy laydown, thanks for nothing.

Nothing, nothing, nothing......bled a few chips... nothing, nothing, nothing.

Slow forward to finally getting ATs. The kid who took the chips from me in hand 2 (who was rushing something awful) raised to $600. I had $650 left and shoved. He flipped up 88 so I at least had a strong coin flip. Blankity, blank board. Rebuy!

wait around again for a hand. Every time I got anything reasonable the pot was raised and I had to muck or retreat. I finally got JTs and called a small raise 4 ways. Flop brought 2 of my suit and was checked around. River brought K of my suit and I checked looking for check raise. PFR bet light. Next guy raised it up to 1,000, most of my stack. Odds against a better flush were low and, WTF, $20 gets me more chips. I shove $1300. Shure enough, he slow rolled his A8 and took me out. Rebuy.

Managed to hold on to all of the rebuy so I doubled up for another $20 for the add-on. Made a great laydown after I had called a small PFR with KQs and the board came KJx. I thought a bit and decided bettor had KJ. Luckily he fired into me or else I would have been meat. He wasn't the raiser but had been playing prtty solid and tight. Knew I was beat let it go. "Good laydown" is not much consolation when you can't drag a pot, but my decision making was still correct.

My stack was down to about 2K when the blinds hit 200/400 and knew I needed to find a hand to go with. I found KJ and shoved. Everybody but the one limper ahead of me folded. He was one of the bigger stacks (naturally) and found it easy to call with ATo. Thanks for the action man. Flop brought me KQx, so for the first time all morning, I was actually ahead of someone for a change. Turn was a T adding a bunch of outs for him (3 As, 3 Js, 2 Ts). That's way more than enough to beat Hagar when things are going bad. River brought another T. Lovely.

Not one pot drug for the 1 1/12 I was in. Fucking brutal. Wednesday's cash game was 4 hours of pure hell. So starting after my last successful tourney (last Friday), I have endured about 24 consecutive table hours of running cold and bad. I hope this doesn't last too long, or I may just be joining Quads on the rail for the rest of the year. God, this game can be brutal.
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