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JR 10/6 and 10/9

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Missed my regular Wed. visit as I was busy putting my bike back together (yes again - had one of the cams snap in half last week if you can believe that) and decided to head up on Thursday after work. A fairly unremarkable session - got up about $150 early then bled a bit. Lost a good chunk when I flopped 2 pair on a big blind special only to get hit with a flush suckout (the guy called a $60 re-raise cold in an $80 pot ugh) which took me below my starter. Hit a small pot near the end to wind up $20 down. Short session, no starting hands that really got me interested.

Wife's out of town and I have tomorrow off, so I headed back up there this afternoon. Got up there at 1:30ish and was seated in the one 1/2 game running by about 1:45. Lots of familliar faces. It's amazing to me how many of the regulars who seem to do consistently well play so many hands - raised or otherwise. One of them was taking quite a beating, but he usually has a pretty good stack in front of him, so I doubt it was of any concern.

I had a pretty consistently good session. Got up a little early and then parlayed my stack up to about $300 when one of those regular/many hands guys hooked up with KJ on a 8JJ board. I happened to have J8 in my hand and he paid me off. I hit a few more hands and got up to a little over $400 for a bit. Went into a little dry spell and bled some chips back when I got into one of those grooves where some player or another felt the need to raise anytime I had a limper.

Bled all the way down to around $200 and then started hitting and representing enough hands to climb back up and wound up cashing out at $500 for a $400 profit on the session. Ran into a couple of tough spots that cost me $50- $100 here and there, but was able to recover in relatively short time - didn't have a lot of real tough decisions most of the night. Nice to build up my BR a little before heading to Vegas this week.

I have to say, that I'm getting a little tired of all the punks that run around that place acting like they were God's gifts. I know they bring a ton of money (where they get it, I have no idea - the concept of having several hundred dollars to blow on poker when I was 19 just blows my mind), but it gets pretty annoying watching those kids bounce all over the place running back and forth, table to table, table to rail to brag about a take down or whine about a suckout with their little friends. Sit down and play. You can yack about your stories after you all bust out later. Just grow up a little. (End of "stupid little punk" rant.....)
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Post subject: JR 9/6 and 9/9
I assume you actually meant 10/6 and 10/9...
Is it October already? Yeah.....
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