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It's only been 2.5 years

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HI everybody!

Sorry for the delay in updates (I have to update my last thread with my workbench once I clean it off). Life has tossed a couple curve balls but back on track. Here is the "quick" update:
First Friday of Jan 2021 - I'm told by my Director that my position at OSU is being eliminated in June (huge deployment project has ended which means that funding is gone, Covid budget cuts, etc). It is nice they are giving as much notice as they can; Start looking for new job.
March - get an offer for what I think would be a smaller company, doesn't seem like the right fit. Pass.
First week of June - Coworker and direct Manager both announce they are leaving, work doesn't give a poo about my situation.
End of June - nice paycheck with 6 month severance (as I've been there just shy of 20 years) plus 30 days of vacation time I had banked. Mentally I've now been paid through Mid-Feb 2022.

Second week of July - vacation that we had planned for almost a year, head down to my Dad's timeshare in North Carolina. He doesn't drive as much anymore so wanted us to use it.

Third week of July - get back home, pick up dog on Monday morning. He isn't doing well, had to put him down that night. Best boy, with me through some tough life moments - made it to 15.5 years. I'm a wreck for Tuesday and Wednesday... until that Wed evening when I get a call from my Dad that he is in the hospital. Drive to Cleveland and hang out while he is recovering. Dad gets stable and gets back to his place.

August - applying for jobs. OSU has a position posted (not mine, but my coworker who left right before me). Ask my previous director if I should apply and enthusiastically says yes.

Late August - we got to be guinea pigs when Royal Caribbean was starting back up; free 6 night cruise on Oasis (797 passengers on a ship that can hold 5400). Stopped by Dad's on the way to and from the cruise to make sure he was still good.

Sept / Oct - Dad was slowly getting worse so I moved in with him. He was in and out of the hospital multiple times. Doctors were able to help a bit, but Dad was ready.

Nov - Dad passed. He was a great man who always supported me. I'm glad I was there to help during the last few months.

End of Nov - new job. Found a position at Nationwide Mutual Insurance as part of one of their data reporting groups. Half the team members across the country so our local people only met once a month in person.

Second week of December - Get a message from one of my team members at OSU. The position I applied for in August - they are starting the interview process and he wants to fast track me if I'm looking. The systems I was the sole support person for that were going away in another year - yea, that project got killed and the system is now going to be around for another 5 years. The team member is a cool guy but I told him sorry, I just got my new gig three weeks ago but if OSU had been any faster, I probably would have gone back.

Feb 2022 - We like to travel and we are tried of waiting on others if we want to make a change to our plans. Found a way to become my own Travel Agent. Now I can control my own cruise bookings directly.
Late Feb 22 - Wife says the house is too quiet, lets go to the animal shelter. I told her at that moment that if we go, I KNOW we are coming home with a dog and is she ready? We come home with a 6 pound, 8 week old mix that we name Donut.

May 22 - cruise out of Port Canaveral, Florida.
August 22 - cruise out of Miami, Florida
Oct 22 - "Thanks for being a travel agent. Why don't you come and try a sample cruise to see what our brand is like?" Ok, free cruise on MSC out of Miami, Florida

Late Oct 22 - Just kinda putting feelers out, applied for job at OSU Med Center.
Early Nov 22 - Got a job offer from OSU. It was the same rate I had at NW, comparing retirement plans was about the same, didn't think there was an incentive to move back.
Mid Nov 22 - Nationwide announces they are going to re-organize our business unit and all 60 people from Directors, Managers, and Associates will need to reapply for new positions. I called OSU HR, asked if they still wanted me, they said yes, and I turned in my 2 week notice three days after the NW announcement.

Dec 22 - Back at OSU but now on the Medical side.

Feb 23 - cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico

So that is my "quick" recap. We still do a poker game now and then, starting to do some 3d printing, thinking about going solar, wife thinks a finished basement would be a good idea, but we have some repairs that need to be done first.

So - how is everyone else doing?

Harley - Best Boy (puppy):
Dog Furniture Dog breed Comfort Carnivore

Harley - Being a doofus (old man):
Dog Comfort Carnivore Felidae Dog breed

Donut - first night home:
Dog Carnivore Dog breed Dog supply Companion dog

Donut - 35 pounds (larger Kong):
Christmas tree Dog Furniture Dog breed Carnivore
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Rewind nice to hear from you. Very sorry to hear about your dad. Mine passed some years back now and sometimes it’s still tough, so many times I’ve wished I could still ring him on the phone to talk about stuff. I’m glad you were there with him his last few months.

Sounds like the job thing worked out - and how did you become a cruise agent on top of it? As a fellow cruise fan I’d love to hear more.

Good looking pup!
RE! Great to hear from you. It's super quiet in here these days.
Sorry about your Dad and pup mate. Super sad news.
But it looks like you've landed on your feet, so great stuff!
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