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Inside the Viking mind

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I had this really awful dream last night.

We were playing in one of our tournaments. Nobody at the game was any of you, but it was clearly one of our games. For some reason I wasn't dealing, but was in a big hand. I get dealt AsTc in the BB. For some reason, the guy to my right has the 3d turned up as part of his hand. The flop comes xxT. I don't even realize I have a T in my hand and I check and it checks around. The turn is another T, still not realizing that I have a T, it checks around agaiin. The guy a couple of seats to my left starts begging for an Ace on the river. At this point I look at my cards and see my great hand and low and behold an Ace hits the river. I look at the guy who was begging for the Ace and say "You liked that eh?" as I shove in my stack. The guy to my left calls as does the guy begging for the Ace.

A flip up my cards and look over to the guy on my right who gives me high five. 8) Just as I look back at the table the chips are being shoved in one big fast motion (just like it does on-line) to the guy to my left. :? He shows T2 which also makes a boat and my cards are nowhere to be seen. First, I can't figure out how he has T2 when there was clearly a 3d sitting face up in front of him - besides, where are my cards? I had a much better hand. :?

For some reason there is a bunch of crap on the table (paper and bags - like there had been a birthday party or something?) and I ask the dealer just what in the hell is going on? :x Something about he didn't see my cards or something - there just really wasn't an explanation, but it was clear I just wasn't gonna get the pot - it was too late. :x I got up to step outside, cussing and pissing and moaning, and then..

I woke up in a heavy sweat. I was still pissed off when I woke up. I was relieved that it was a dream, but still cussing and moaning under my breath. (Take a wild guess how my on-line session went last night.....)

Just thought I'd share......
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no more late night snacks for you brah!!!!
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