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houseboat vacation next year

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The Warbucks & I hatched this idea while sitting on the beach at Tahoe a month ago...

Wouldn't it be a total blast to get a group of us together to rent a houseboat at Shasta for a week? It could be a floating poker party!

If we did this, I'm hoping that my wife isn't the only one who wants nothing to do with poker. There's gotta be some other people along that would totally skip the poker thing. But we could hang out and do lake stuff during the day and it wouldn't it be totally cool to set up a small table on the roof (I've got an octagon) and play cards at night?!?!?!

I think it's too late for this year, but we could start to see who's interested and maybe plan something for next spring. If you go before Memorial Day you can get off-season rates. On just my first look at places, I found a big boat that says it can sleep 16. I saw the floorplan and realistically it probably sleeps 10 adults. If we did have 5 couples, it'd be about $500 per couple for 5 nights, plus food and more than any other vacation I guess. The damned boat is furnished nicer than my house and has even got a spa on the bridge, right next to where we set up the poker table! We could also tow my boat along for skiing or just horsing around during the day too.

Check this place out...

Check out the boat...

I think the Warbucks and us would be totally up for it. Need at least three other couples to make it affordable. Would anybody do it???

:?: :?: :?:
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I found three words that stood out in your post..... "Water" , "Chicks" , and "Poker".

I'M IN!!!
There's a reasonable possibility that we'd be up for that. I know I would be, but not sure about the wifey.
Houseboat would be great

My wife and I have a trip organized for later this month on Shasta. If you get a big boat, you can do it for less than $200 a person plus gas and food. I've done all the research, so let me know if you need some info.
Also I just got back (2 weeks ago) from a week of houseboating on lake powell.
hmmmm...............a whole week? do we really want to test the boundaries of the BYOC friendships for a week on a houseboat? LOL!!! i mean Quads is a pretty kewl cat.......but a week?!?!?!?! hehehehe....

i know that Mama has problems being away from her practice for that long......but i can't speak for her........but as for myself i think it would be a kick ass thing to do on a three day weekend........if we could schedule it pre-season so that everyone took the same monday or friday off.....i don't know........just a thought...................
I thnk Daddy has a valid point. What would probably be fun for a day or 2, might not be for much longer.

I know this is hard to believe, but I get grouchy sometimes.... :wink:

Besides, would there be an ATM on the boat? The boat might not hold up if we brought our treasure chests on board for that much contiuous poker.
Yeah, i was only thinking a weekend as well.

it would be tough for people to miss a whole week of work, family, etc.
i never even thought about the money part of it!!! ATM's weigh a ton!!! we would have to take the boat into town and hit the ATM.....i can see it now........5 guys.......unshaven after four days......smelling like they have been on a boat for four days.........glazed over look in their eyes.....most of the group would be at some level a "hung over".....the others would just be drunk........looking quite emaciated (sp?) after living on beer and taquitos for four days........hehehehe.......

i don't think Hagar would be the only one the got grumpy either!! i would be right there with him!!! mostly because i would have lost all my money.....but partially because i just know in the pit of my stomach that we would run out of taquitos at a point in the night where we couldn't replenish...........AAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have access to a couple cabins in the tahoe area as well so that might be a good alternative.
Do the cabins have ATMs in them?
I think you're all probably right about the length of time. A nice long weekend would probably be best.

Hey Sausage Jockey...Where are you guys renting a boat this month? What marina, what size, how many people?

I will do some research to find out how far in advance we have to book and make a deposit.
Spoke with the wifey and verdict is that she'd be more likey to do a land based group trip (cabin in tahoe, house on the coast) rather than a houseboat trip. She's not a big "on the water" person and felt it might be a little confining to be stuck on a boat for several days.
I've done the housebat trips 50 times when I was a kid. I grew up on Shasta lake, and we would come away from a week together hating each other(or do we already?!?). But for the best deals, I may be able to help you guys out. The "locals" marinas usually have the best deals, but are a little bit longer drives. Three suggestions, Jones Valley Marina, Silverthorn resort and Antlers Marina. Try those out Mike, they would probably be a little less expensive, and quite possibly nicer boats.
Hey Dodge... Good pointers, thanks. I will check it out and then pick your brain for some expert advice. Would you make the trip with us???

We'd probably do a Tahoe trip just about anytime if anybody besides Hagar wants to do something like that in the near future. In fact, a lady I work with has a southshore cabin that she rents out for near nothing and it's mostly vacanct. I could probably get it just about anytime. Don't know how many it sleeps. I'll have to ask her, but if somebody wants to go this year just pick a weekend and we could easily do that. Her place is on Kingsbury grade right around the corner from the casinos.
The tahoe cabin idea might be a lot easier to put together, and certainly much less expensive than a houseboat. Plus we could go as a herd over to the Harveys poker room one night and take over the place....... :twisted:
I have a cabin in Mammoth i could offer, but that would probably be too long of a drive for everyone.
Why would we want to go to a cardroom and pay rake to take each other's money?

I've never understood that.......

Oh yeah - the "free" beer!
I would be quite content to stay at a cabin and avoid the cardroom, as long as Hagar promises to serve me free beers while dressed in cocktail waitress attire... long as Hagar promises to serve me free beers while dressed in cocktail waitress attire...
1. There's no such thing as free beer....

2. Be careful what you wish for.....

3. That's Daddy's job

4. Be careful what you wish for.....

I'm not saying we wouldn't hit the cardroom, just not all at the same table eh?
Card room versus cabin:
It's the difference of fishing in a backyard pond, versus a lake that was just stocked.

The rake is a small fee compared to the potential stacks of racks that can be had.
I'd be interested in this but I think a long weekend in Tahoe would be easier - less confining when people start throwing chips at each other, and more stuff for non-gamblers to do.
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