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HOSE or HORSE type tourney

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(Second idea to spice up tourneys a bit.)

I think it would be interesting to try a HOSE or HORSE type tourney. These tournies involve a rotation of several different games. (Holdem, Omaha 8OB, Razz (7 stud lowball), 7 Stud High, 7 Stud 8OB.)

Ther would obviously need to be some adjustment to our seating arrangements (yoy can only have players for 7 stud game) and we'd have to figure out how these formats are actually structered (I've never figured out how they run this type of tourney), but it seems like it would be fun to try something like this.

Any thoughts?
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I like the idea of running mixed games and would definintly show up for one should you host, and would hope that people would show if I did. I've done mixed games before and it works well, providing everyone knows what they are showing up for.

My thought would be to keep the mixed game out of the tourney and do a two table tourney event. As the tourney got down to one table, open the other table, as a cash NL Hold'em game. Then when the tourney was over, open the second table as a mixed game.

My vote for a mixed game night would be Hold'em, Omaha Hi, and 7CS. I'd skip Razz and Lowball.
I'd have no interest for a mixed game ring game.

My idea is to do a mixed game tourney, similar to the HORSE event they play at the WSOP.

My reason for wanting to try this "different" stuff is to get some experience at tournament games that I (and probably most of us) don't have any experience with. I think many of us have thoughts of hanging out in Vegas for that "special" month. Most if just don't have the $10K to throw down on the main event, but maybe we could swing one of the smaller events. Having some experience, may give us the confidence to try something out.
Ok, so no mixed games, but a pot limit or omaha table and a standard NL table would be in your interest?
We tried Omaha one night, and found it to be too silly. We got like 6 hands dealt in an hour. In a tourney format, I'd play it, but we're all way too inexperienced with Omaha to play it for a cash game.
We tried Omaha one night, and found it to be too silly. We got like 6 hands dealt in an hour. In a tourney format, I'd play it, but we're all way too inexperienced with Omaha to play it for a cash game.
Keep in mind, that was also a FULL table with quite a few people that had never played Omaha before and on top of that, we were playing Hi/Lo with folks that (possibly) were not famailiar with Hi/Lo, let alone Omaha. Yes, it was VERY VERY slow.

If I were to do a mixed game or something of that nature, I'd want to have a dedicated dealer and wouldn't play Hi/Lo. Hi only.
I love razz but I agree with Quads. No Limit, Omaha Hi, and 7CS would be great!

I agree with Hagar in that I would like to be able to enter those tournies as well. Played 7CS most of my life before the limit and Omaha games. Would like to re-introduce it into my game as well.
If you guys really want to try it, I will volunteer (drinks must be included) to deal for you. I have plenty of experience dealing Omaha (hi/low), Stud, HE, and PaiGow. The dealer is really the key to a hi/low game. Keeping the chips right, knowing the nut hand high and low before players show, and running the table all contribute to a successful, and fun Omaha experience.
Come on Hagar.. Quit knocking Omaha!!! I would play in any format that included Omaha HI/Lo....
Dude, if you'll notice, that post was a few months before we tried it again. I can't say that I like Omaha any better since then, but if your'e gonna give me shit, at least reference a state ment that was made in the lst few weeks...... :wink:
I would like to see a HORSE or a HOSE tourney also. Maximum number of players per table is 8 handed I think. I believe all the games played in the World Series HORSE game are limit poker (even the Hold em rotation.) I will check on the WSOP site and see what the blinds/antes and the rotations are so we could shorten it to suit our tourney if we ever hold one.

Follow up: It looks like WSOP isn't holding a HORSE or HOSE tourney this year. We would have to look elsewhere to get the info. It will be more complicated than a normal tourney because there will be antes involved.
Yeah, it would definately be a different structure. I'd be curious to see how it's done in "official" events.
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