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Hollywood in Vegas... Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen...Part One

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Hollywood in Vegas, Bad Beat turns 6K pot with Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen.

Part One, Bad Beat.

It’s Thursday night, 7pm, I’m at a 2/5 blinds No Limit table at the Mirage (my new least favorite game in the world….haven’t seen that many tight bitches since I did a stint at BYU in 1992… I raise $5….everyone folds.) Buy in is max $300. I got busted on my 3rd hand, pocket kings beat by pocket aces…I re-bought…I build my stack back up to around $550, a nice come back. I get pocket kings AGAIN. New guy who just sat down raises pre-flop to $10 (a lot for that bitch-table)…I limp and call. Flop come 6/K/Q with two diamonds. He bets $100, I raise to $200…. In an over-the-top, exaggerated, Hollywood-style move he bellows “I’M ALL IN!!!!�… I flip my kings over to show the set…He turns over pocket 8s, one of which is a diamond. He says “Wow, guess that wasn’t a very good move�. Swear to Christ. With two cards left, he has almost no outs… Turn comes ten of Diamonds, River comes Ace of diamonds, giving him a runner, runner, runner, runner….Ace-high diamond flush. Fuck. Now I’m bent. Now, I normally don’t get too riled up on a bad beat…but I was quite annoyed…. I’ve already stood up and collected my shit (along with my leftover chips, I had him well covered….) I turn to him and say “you stupid fuck, that was the worst call I’ve seen in six months. I’d stick around and take my money back from your moronic ass, but I don’t want your idiocy to rub off on me�. Then, to make matters worse, with Kelly, AKA Blondie, sitting right behind me, I scream at the top of my lungs ‘FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK�. The WHOLE room comes to a standstill…I leave. Quickly.

Part two, Redemption.

After the Mirage disaster, I tell my sweetie I need to take off…blow off some steam… I get in a taxi and head for the Bellagio…. (you’re supposed to keep playing after a bad beat, right?)… I’m pissed, bitter, on tilt…. I have about 3K in my pocket. Oblivious to everything, everyone, I walk up and find a seat open at the 10/20 blinds, no-limit table in the high stakes area. It’s crowded, people standing around, packed…..I’m thinking it must be my lucky day to get a seat…The minimum buy-in is $600. I buy in for 1K and post. I’ve got my headphones on (MP3 player), I’m ignoring everyone, still thinking about my trip kings getting busted…. First few hands are non-eventful… After about the 4th hand, I’m looking around, at the rail, the other tables, etc…wondering what the fuck all the hoo-hah is about, I look to my right and two seats away from me is Phil Ivey. Right next to him, Gus Hansen. Gus’ luggage is right behind his chair, presumably he came right to the poker table from the airport..didn’t even check in… That’s my kind of poker player. Well, NOW I’m interested.. I take the headphones off and start paying attention. People keep coming up to Phil and Gus ( Phil mostly) for pictures, interrupting the game.. Finally, they put up the ropes so nobody can get through… So, let me set the scene…I’m playing 10/20 No Limit with Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Mike Ross and god knows who else..behind the ropes in the high limit area at the Bellagio. Fucking perfect. I notice that my little 1K stack looks feeble compared to others, so I get another 1K in chips. This will turn out to be an incredibly good decision. 2 hands later, I get A/10 suited (spades) on the button….Player in first position raises to $100, four others call (including Mr. Hansen), I call on the button. Flop comes 8s, Ks, Qd . I’ve got four to the nut flush, and the nut straight draw. Player 1 raises to a thousand. A thousand! Hansen folds, as do two others. Player in 8th position calls…Now there’s Approx. $2,500 in the pot. I call with half my chips. Fucking god alive…I’m definitely paying attention now. Turn comes Ace of Diamonds. Now I have top pair…no flush yet, no straight yet. Player 1 shoves…all in. Player 7 shoves…all in. I think, Christ! What do these guys have. The board has not paired up so a nut flush wins…. Only spades are viable for the flush… I look down at my stack..shaking my head, knowing that if I lose this hand, a large portion of my vegas bankroll is history. I figure I have 15 outs (9 spades, 4 jacks, 2 aces)…. I call. There are now three people all in, two of whom have shoved with half chips/half hundred dollar bills (at this table, hundreds, and only hundreds, play as long as they’re on the table, next to your chips when you sit down)…so there’s a huge chip stack covered with $100 bills….I’m feeling like it’s all a bit surreal. People on the rail are literally clapping and hollering…..The river, the glorious fucking river….comes Jack of Clubs… NUT STRAIGHT!!!!! Player one turns over one pair (kings)…what the hell was he thinking? Player two turns over two pair, Kings and Eights. All he needed was another 8 or K for a boat..So, I had less outs then I thought. Regardless, the dealer is shoving so much money my way, I can hardly breathe… Everyone at the table is saying great hand, blah blah blah… The two players who were all in are leaving, I’m text-messaging Kelly and Jasen as fast as I can…..�I JUST WON $6000 IN ONE HAND!!!!�. Never had so much fun in my life. So, I have to silently thank dumb-ass over at the Mirage for booting me off that table, otherwise, I’d never have met Phil and Gus, and never have been in that hand. Kelly made it over to the Bellagio in time to meet Phil and witness my stacks of $20 chips…

Only downside is going back to play 8/16 or 15/30…Uh oh, he just raised me $8, what should I do…Christ, I was in a $6000 hand with Gus Hansen. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sundanceca said:
Hollywood in Vegas, Bad Beat turns 6K pot with Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen.

Part two, Redemption.

Gus’ luggage is right behind his chair, presumably he came right to the poker table from the airport..didn’t even check in… That’s my kind of poker player.
What, am I chopped liver? I got off the plane, go straight to the poker room and park it there for 2.5 days. Carried my "luggage" with me the entire time.. my backpack! Nothing like spending a weekend in Vegas without a hotel room or reservation!!!

OK, granted, I caught 3 hours sleep in your room one night (that of which I couldn't tell you, but I think it was Sat. morning at 6 or 7 AM ?!?!?) but then got booted out as you and Blondie were getting ready to do the hooptie dance......

And I agree with you, I've never had a better time in my life in Vegas at a poker table.

I can still hear in the back of my mind you, 3 or 4 tables across the room from me... "HAHAHAHAHA!!!! WINNER!!!!"
SWEET! Steve, how long were Gus and Phil atthe table with you. Did you get into any good hands with them or take a big pot off either of them (outplay)?

What a great feeling that must have been at that table. Nice story!
The only other question I have is.....was that buy-in and limit structure the largest that was going on at the time? You figure, these guys make tons of money in cash games all the time, I just expected 2 big names like that to be playing even higher stakes poker. Is the limit you were at the typical game that the pros are playing in over there when they are not on TV?

I had the same question for Quads situation with Harrington but I forgot to ask.

Just curious as my thinking was that I would not have enough money to be able to get into a cash game with them outside of a tourney. I thought it would take at least $10,000+ to get into one of their games.

Regarding Gus/Phil playing "small" stakes... there are four tables in the high stakes area at the bellagio... one a 30/60 limit game, one a 1000/2000 limit game, one a horse table and the one I was on, a 10/20 blinds NL table. Phil said they were waiting for the horse table to start up, there were only three people there (phil, gus and one other guy whose name i do not know.) , the wait list for the 30/60 and 1000/2000 was deep, so presumably they sat down their because they wanted a game until there's started. But the stakes at my table were decent, I guess. There were at least 5 pros there that I knew about. You only needed 600 to buy in, but most people had 2K in front of them. I sat down with 1k, but then immediately re-bought another 1k. You rarely saw the flop for less then a hundred. But at that table, the pots were routinely $500/ those stakes are decent.. Not millions, but entertaining for them i guess until the other table started up. Also, I think one of the reasons they were playing there is that it's in a roped off area, so they weren't being hassled too much. People still came up for photos, but not as much as you'd expect.

I played TAF (tight as f_ck), so i wasn't in a lot of hands.... Didn't tangle with either one of them. I did lose one big ass hand ($1000), when I mistook a 10 of spades for 10 of clubs, and I thought I had a straight flush, but only had a jack high flush...I knew I screwed it up before the guy turned over, but I tried to convince him I had the ace.... I was in seat 8, and I was having a hard time seeing the cards.

I'm gonna hit that table again when I go back. LOVE IT!

btw, there were quite a few "famous" poker players at the bellagio...people I recognized from either the world poker tour or espn. At the mirage also. The one thing I learned is that apparently I'm hard to read, as on more then one occasion, they said "I put you on something else, I couldn't put you on a hand, etc..." So, that's cool. No sunglasses either.

kahuna, we're going back to vegas 2nd weekend in November...come join us!
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I can't keep up with your vegas adventures. Wish I could convince the wife of frquent visits but I just went there in August. I appreciate the invite though.

I will have to live vicariously through you.
No, you won't!
You will take your punk ass to and book a flight (for you AND THE WIFE) on November 12th through the 14th and be there with us.

The Wife's Club will be there in support (while at the spa or pool or possibly the poker tables) of their husbands. (James, Quads, Hollywood, Shannon)

You gonna let some punk ass bitches like us one up you?

That's what I though...
1-800-I FLY SWA
dude, break loose of that nut-hold she has you in ...

If you can't sport the Bellagio, the wagon wheel inn has a great two for 29.99 special. See u there.

Love you!
You both suck ass! The constant taunting in my head!!!! Stop it Quads, Stop it.

OK....I'll go. You are all staying at the Bellagio?

Love you to.
Either there or the Mirage. Both have "poker room" rates. Mirage is a little better (rate) than the Belagio.

flight leaves sac at 9:30 on Southwest, I'm coming back Monday morning at 6:45 am.. (allows for 8 more hours of poker). Bellgaio # is 1-888-987-6537. Ask for Karen, re: the poker discount rate.

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