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This is an email I recieved for another guy I play poker with that many of you don't know or have not been to his game. His games are a lot of fun and worth checking out if. 4 car garage, custom built tables, all the works.

None the less, he is hosting a bigger type tourney, all inclusive, food, etc. etc .etc. Looks to be a lot of fun. email Phil if you are interested in getting on the list.

Phil can be reached at pmcgarry (at) rcsis dot com

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament 29 Oct 
The Game:  Texas Hold ‘Em (no special rules, only clarifications on the standard game!)
Date:  29 October, 2005 
Food will start to be served around 5P.  Games to start @ 6P.
Players (planned):  36
Buy-in:  $60		 
•	Each player pays $60.00 and will receive $1200.00 worth of chips 
•	The Event is all-inclusive.  The house will provide all Food, Beer, Liquor, etc.  The cost of anything required for the event will be deducted from the buyin not to exceed a total of $600 (roughly $16.50/player).  
Chip Breakdown:  		 
•	White	            $25.00 	
•	Blue		$50.00		 
•	Green		$100.00
•	Grey		$500.00
•	Purple(**)	$1000.00  
•	Orange(**)	$5000.00  
** Note that the Purple and Orange chips are not used at the beginning of the game.  They will be used to consolidate chips later in the game to keep the board manageable and the game timely.   
Limits and Blinds 
•	Limits: None -- This is no limit hold ‘em
•	Round time:  30 minutes
•	Blind Structure: 
o	Level One	 Blinds $25.00     /  $50.00          
o	Level Two	 Blinds $50.00     /  $100.00          
o	Level Three	 Blinds $100.00   /  $200.00          
o	Level Four	 Blinds $150.00   /  $300.00    (Break 1 – See Notes)
o	Level Five	 Blinds $200.00   /  $400.00        
o	Level Six	 Blinds $300.00   /  $600.00        
o	Level Seven	 Blinds $500.00   /  $1000.00        
o	Level Eight	 Blinds $1000.00 /  $2000.00 (Break 2 – See Notes)
o	Level Nine	 Blinds $1500.00 /  $3000.00 
o	Level Ten	 Blinds $2500.00 /  $5000.00 
•	After the signal designating the end of a betting level, the new blinds apply on the next deal 
•	Break 1 – planned on 30 minutes and will be an exchange of as many $25 and $50 chips for greater chip values.  If we cannot get to an even $100 chip breakdown (most likely, we will at a minimum reduce the number of 25/50 chips as much as possible on the playing field with each player holding then as few of 25/50 chips as realistic).  The $1000 chip is introduced here.
•	Break 2 – planned on 30 minutes and will be an exchange of as many remaining $100 (and any other 25/50 chips) as above.  The $5000 chip is introduced here.
Assuming full turnout and a $600 rake for costs:
•	1st place	 $660 
•	2nd place	 $330 
•	3rd place	 $180
•	4th place	 $125
•	5th place	 $100
•	6th place	 $75
•	7th –28th	 $0 of total buy-in 
•	29th –36th	 $0-$90 of total buy-in – Special Note:  See Consolidation Table 
Note if the rake for food/beer/etc. cost  is less than $600, the remaining whole dollar amount goes to 1st place.
Roberts Rules of Poker ( [url][/url] ) except where described otherwise here.  Note that the rules are for more than just hold’em tournaments and need to be read as such.  No rule established in this document should differ than standard poker.  Robert’s rules do address interesting situations like what happens if a joker shows up in a non-wild game, etc. and how the responsibility of the player is, etc.
Some Clarifications 
	Blind use will be nearer to “dead button” rule.  Situations are explained below (most should be used to this form of play…Note in the past I have used a moving button variation as it was easier.  This has now changed):
o	Small blind exits game / Big blind (BB) still playing.  The next hand:
	Dealer button moves to dead position with former BB posting small blind and player to the left of BB posting Big Blind.  The following hand, play resumes as normal.
o	Big blind exits game / Small blind (SB) still playing.  The next hand:
	Dealer button moves to former SB and active player to the left posts Big blind.  There will be no posting of Small blind in this hand.  The following hand, play resumes as normal.
o	Small and Big blind exit the game.  The next hand:
	Dealer button moves to dead position and active player to the left of button posts Big blind.  There will be no posting of Small blind in this hand.  The following hand, play resumes as normal.
o	Chain Reaction.  A chain reaction is where blinds go out one after each other hand after hand.  This prevents normal play.  While one hopes this doesn’t occur, it can and does.  No matter the rule, it is unfair.  We will follow the above rules as best as possible.  In the event they do not fit:
	Dealer button stays in dead position and active player to the left of button posts Big blind.  There will be no posting of Small blind in this hand.  The following hand, play resumes as normal.
  House Rules 
•	Should two or more players exit the game and monetary prizes are to be awarded, the person with the chip lead prior to exiting clams the greater prize.  In the event of a dead even chip situation, the players draw a card for the prize (A is high), suits matter and are in order of Club-Diamond-Heart-Spade.
•	Each player must play and call his/her own hand.  No assistance may be given by other players or spectators.
•	Verbal statements are binding over chips pushed into the pot.  I allow the words “call and raise”.  This is different than casinos who will bind you to a call statement.  However, you must state the “call and raise” while moving chips to the board, not after while the next player is announcing their intentions.
•	Chips being counted in the guise of attempting to play must be played.  This is true in most casinos.  One cannot act like they are going to bet and then fold.  It is wise to state you are counting chips if that is what you are doing. 
•	Should a player need to briefly leave the game, play continues.  If the player has not stated their intentions of betting they fold.  The absentee player will be required to ante and blind as the game is played.  All newly dealt hands by the absentee player are automatically folded and any blinds forfeited. 
•	All cards must remain in full view and are not allowed beyond the edge of the playing field 
•	All players are entitled to a clear view of opponent’s chips with higher denominations made easily visible. Hiding chips is not allowed 
•	Looking through discards, remaining deck cards or “rabbit” hunting is not permitted. 
•	Tables may be assigned a designated dealer.  Dealer may be a player, but will always deal the cards.
•	Host reserves the right to make decisions in the spirit of fairness should interpretation of the above rules indicate a different ruling, provided that the conflict does not apply to the host in which case a pre-selected player will make ruling. 
•	Host should be made aware of problem when it occurs and all play must stop with all cards and chips remaining as-is until a resolution is reached.  
•	The house prefers to operate a gentlemens’/ladies’ game.  A little courtesy and kindness never hurts anyone.
Consolation Table:
	The purpose behind the consolation table is just because you are one of the first few players out of a big tournament doesn’t mean you aren’t a decent player.  This small prize is for the first 8 players to exit the tournament.  Reminder…we strive for a gentlemens’/ladies’ game.
	If one of the first 8 players leaves, their position is forfeited for the consolation prize.
	Once 8 players are out, play stops and tables are consolidated on the larger tournament.  This opens up an 8 person round for the consolation table.  
	Each player is given 20 chips and each has the same value so amount is irrelevant.
	All players agree on a prize distribution.  I suggest winner take all.  But some might prefer a $60-$30 prize pool.  Majority wins and the house breaks a tie if necessary.
	Blinds are 1-2 at the start and the blinds increase to 2-4, 3-6, 4-8, etc. as the larger tournament calls a blind increase.
	Should two or more people go out for 8th place, larger chip lead establishes the position.  So, in this case the person with the small stack plays the consolation table.  If a tie, a card drawing as in the larger tournament prevails.

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sounds like a fun tourney... but $600 from the prize pool for food and drink?? that seems a little excessive, and one would start to wonder on the legalities of this... quads, have you ever played at one of these games? what do you think of them?


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I've played his home game.
I have not played his tourney where he does an "all inclusive" deal. I think at first glance, yes, it's a little rich off the top, but he does say, all the food, booze, beer, pop, etc. you can eat and drink and back it up with all the receipts, and what is not used that would have been part of the food fund goes back into the pot for the prize money. He breaks it down to $16.50 a player. (yes it's legal, providing he doesn't skim any part of the buy in for his personal profit) ((the way I understand the law))

(personal preference) It's not my first choice to buy all the food and drink for everyone, but that is simply my preference (for those of you who have played in my games for the last few years, you well know this) I don't even provide chairs. For an all inclusive deal, I think it's a fair deal if you like to eat and drink and should be a good night of cards. Everyone who I have talked to that has played his all inclusive tourney says it's a great time.

As far as his games, the games I've attended were a lot of fun. They are a little more laid back than our games, but we typically have more money on the table than the times I was at his game so ours would tend to be a little more 'serious', if you will. For a home game, it was a lot of fun and would visit it again if schedules and invites crossed paths.

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If it doesn't feel right. Just don't play.
You're absolutely right. I won't play in a tourney where 25% is coming off the top to cover expenses. It's not about the "legal" aspect - I guess it comes down to the wording for me.

It's really a $45 tourney with a $15 cost for the banquet - except that the naquet isn't optional.

I hope they all have good time.
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