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Higher Stakess Game Schedule

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James and I were talking last night in my garage which was a continuation of a conversation that BIG Kahuna and I were having in my garage a few nights before.

The topic of conversation was a higher stakes game.

So, prior to sending an invite out, I know that everyone would not be a sure thing, but I wanted to get a sense of how many people would like to see a higher stakes game (higher than what we are typically playing at .03 or .04 cents on the dollar) and if I should attempt to fill two tables, or just one.

Game would be NL Hold'em
$100 Min Buy in $300 Max buy in
Rebuy / Add on anytime your chips stack is under $300 (chip value)
Cash Out Anytime
Stakes would be .10 cents on the dollar.
$100 buy in would get you $1,000 in chips.
$25/50 blinds.

Everything else would be the standard / traditional format.

Interested? Schedule it?
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I'd play, assuming the schedule would work...
That's a bit out of my league, but I'd be happy to come and deal for oyu all (maybe you could talk everyone into throwing a fiver my way or something?)
That's a little steep for me as well!! But I would host it!! I know that you can't win what you don't bet......but I just haven't gotten to the point where I can jusitfy that kind of money for poker yet!!! The garage is all yours if you want it!!
Of course you know I am in! Since we are on this subject, for the tourneys I am planning, I want to hear from Hagar, Jesus, Dic, Daddy, etc.......whether or not a buy-in of $60 is going to be out of your league with possible add-ons through the first 3 rounds of the tourney? Figire it is only $20 more than normal so most people would not have a problem with it.

Let me know who is in for that amount because I only need 20 or so fomr the regular group to make the first tourney of mine happen.
I'd be good on that too.

Might be a good idea to start that as a new topic and get comments from everyone on a $60 buy in tourney.
BigKahuna said:
Of course you know I am in! Since we are on this subject, for the tourneys I am planning, I want to hear from Hagar, Jesus, Dic, Daddy, etc........
HMMM...I wonder how I should take that. Kahuna...Do you really think I'm a Dic? What did I ever do to you???

:lol: :lol: :lol:

You boys are talking about high stakes poker, fellas. Lemme give it to you straight. This here is entertainment for me. I'm not trying to get rich and I don't wanna lose a week's wages when I sit down at the table. Playing in a $100 game is no more fun than a $25 game for me. It's just more stressful. (Not to mention what lil' Mrs Doc would do to me if she found out I was putting a few hundred dollars on the line with y'all).

So...To be honest...It's rare that I come to any of our games with more than $100-$120 at risk. I'm prepared to come to a $30-$40 game with 3-4 buys in my pocket, but that's about it. That definitely leaves me out of a $100 cash game, and probably out of a $60 tourney with the need for add-ons and a cash game afterwards.

Sorry, Buds. Wish I could compete with your big swingin' wallets, but you try putting a teenage girl through a private high school. MAN that's expensive!!! :cry:
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Kahuna -

My questions (before I can answer yours):

- How many rebuys?
- How many chips for rebuys?
- Conditions of rebuys?
- Projected number of players?
- Projected number/value of payouts?

One of the reasons I don't care for rebuy tourneys, is that unless the chips you get for the rebuy is enough to seriously get me back in the hunt, it feels like throwing good money after bad.

If the tourney is $60 (which I have no problems with) and I get a full stack of chips (or more) for a $20 or $30 rebuy, then it's usually worth it to give it another go or 2.

I've seen plenty of tournaments where the rebuys are great bargains compared to the initial buy-in - to the point where it's really stupid not to do them.

If the rebuys offer fewer chips than a full buy-in, then I would not be interested in doing the re-buys. Depending on how extreme it is, I may not participate at all. Even a fresh full stack at the third level is pushing your ability to compete, but less than that basically puts you into a "shove next decent hand" mode. I wouldn't buy back in if my best hope is to play for one or two good hands in the next few orbits.

Proper rebuy considerations require me to evaluate the maximum $ I might invest vs. the possible returns.

For the record: The other reason I'm not a fan of rebuys is that "action guys" tend to get a little crazier then if it's freezeout - they feel like they have a little insurance, another chance if they bust out quickly. Being a slow and steady, "pick my spots" kind of guy, doesn't work well in a shove fest. (This is just a personality preference.)

So, before I can answer your question "Would I...?, I'd need to know the answers to my questions.
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I HATE REBUYS OF ALL TYPES. Cheapens the game/risk/bet/call.

but thats just me.
$100 buy in is too steep for me and I also wouldn't play in a rebuy tournament.
I think that if I were going to shell out that kind of money it would be in a tournament format. This is just me but rebuys, on a lower monetary level are nice cuz it keeps you in the game without breaking the bank, but at $100 a shot I would fall victim to someone with deeper pokets than myself. Just doesn't sound fair. Yes I understand that if I played better it wouldn't matter but that's just not an option........i suck!! LOL!!!
Why do some people have the logic of "It's OK with me that I spend $25 to buy in to the tourney and $25 for a rebuy or add on, but I'm not willing to spend $60 on a buy in"

Does it make it any less if you spend the same amount in smaller incriments?

If someone is willing to show up with a hundred bucks in their pocket to play poker for the night, what's the difference in a $25 dollar game / tourney with a rebuy or add on versus 1 $50 dollar game?
quads, i'm with ya'

I'm specifically not down with a $100 tourney w/ rebuys b/c of the deep pockets issue. $20 w/ rebuys or $60 straight up is all the same to me.

Yeah, I posed the question because it seems like some people are willing to spend the same amount, if not more, in some scenarios in smaller increments rather than in one chunk. I don't get that logic.

And there are the others that say, I'm in it for this much, and that's it.

I guess it's the different way people manage money.
Same thing could be said for chips I guess.
quads said:
If someone is willing to show up with a hundred bucks in their pocket to play poker for the night, what's the difference in a $25 dollar game / tourney with a rebuy or add on versus 1 $50 dollar game?
OK...I can answer that question very straightforward...

I am more interested in "a higher likelihood of winning a little" than I am in a "lesser likelihood of winning a lot." Over the long haul, I am very confident that my smaller wins in cash games are greater than my larger (but far fewer) wins in tourneys would be.

It's pretty simple for me in that respect.

And...Also...I prefer the steady pace and the predictable action of a cash game. It's more "fun" for me.
Perfect logic Doc.
I think on one level it IS purely mental. You see $25 dollars going out and don't think that much about it. You see $60 go out and it's a little different. plus each extra buy in is another $60.....two buy ins and you are above what you would normally spend. It is completely a different mind set. If I had the money I would have no problem plunking down $100 to play but I don't so I DO have a problem with it. I don't think there is a right and wrong way of thinking about it....just different ways.
For me it's both monitary and mental. I've gambled alot altho I'm fairly new to poker. I prefer a table (Craps, Black Jack) Wit a lower minimum bet because I feel it gives me a little more breathing room. I ALWAYS gamble on a budget and I play more than 1 game a week live and also play online so I try very hard to stick to it. If I enter a cash game or tournament that takes my whole budget for that game for 1 buy in , I therefore have 1 shot at leaving a winner. If I can buy in and have a reserve for rebuy's say in a cash game, I can prchase more chips to offset a loss or choose to leave if I want.

Poker and gambling for me are generally for fun. If I win, great, If I lose then oh well, try again later, that's part of the deal. At $100 stakes just to enter the game, that makes it more stressful and less relaxation.

And overall rebuy tournaments are not my thing, I tried it at my game and also in some other tournies and found that I prefer letting the single chip allotment and the players stratagey rather than the bankroll decide the winner.

2 cents lol
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Sorry Doc or is it Dic? Boy that "i" key is close to the "o" key. You are the Doc of course with a stupid mistake on my part.

If all of you read my post again, I was talking about "add-ons", not a re-buy tourney. I do not particularly like re-buys and the reason I was doing the limited add-ons is to raise some more booty before the night is over.

Hagar, I will not be answering all your questions in this post an ask that you take it as a hypothetical right now and give me your best guesstimate. Treat it as a $60 buy-in only (freezeout) with top 6 places paid out of 30 entries. Humor me.

I understand your logic Doc, the entertainment factor of playing poker....being prepared to lose $40 or so for 6 hours of fun. I can respect taking that stance.

My stance is I want it all......I want to have fun, make friends, and take your money all at the same time. Possible? Who knows......but I will have fun trying.

For those of you getting the "brain freeze feeling" trying to contemplate spending all this money on high stakes tourneys, no worries about answering my post anymore. I will just wait for your answer in October when I put the official invite out with all the details. At that point, it's as simple as your in or your out.

Look forward to all these ideas hopefully coming to fruition.

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Kahuna -

I won't commit to any game until I understand the full structure of it.

A $60 freezeout wouldn't bother me at all. A $100 freezeout (now and then) and I'm in. If you start adding rebuy/add-on parameters I need to understand specifically what the deal is before I will yay or nay anything.

(Not to go back there, but that's part of the reason I have issue with Quads' big tourney plan - it's very vague.)

That's just the way I am.

Sorry dude.
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