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Higher Buy In Tourney (Interest?)

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I'd like to host a higher buy in tourney.

$100 to $200 buy in.
Dedicated dealers.
2 tables would pay 3 to 4 spots.
Tourney would be capped at 20 spots with the possibilities of alternates.
We can throw in a bounty hunt and a HHJP for fun.
Undecided on rebuy or addons at this point.

If you are interested, please reply with your thoughts.
I'd like ot do somthing like this in the late Nov. early Dec. time frame.
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Yes, please.

No rebuys or add-ons... I prefer a real structure.

Possibly T5000 chips with 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 400/800,5/1 with 30 min rounds would be great!

If we have a dedicated dealer for this long, we would need to be "sure" that they got a fair bit for their time, even though we can't rake the pool for that.

Let me know. I'm good with $100 or $200

I dont' think I can play in it, but I can certianly offer my services as dedicated dealer.
My target would be 5 to 6 hours for this. 6 on the long end.
I would like to start with 5K in chips with a semi relaxed blind structure, such as the Kid outlined.

I'll throw a draft together and show you what the top level view would look like.
As a draft, with 20 people at $200 ($100 buy in, cut the numbers in half)
There would be a kitty of $4,000

Payouts would look like this:
1st 50% $2000
2nd 20% $1000
3rd 15% $600
4th 10% $400

30 minute rounds:
1. 25/50
2. 50/100
3. 100/200
4. 200/400
5. 300/600
6. 400/800
7. 600/1200
8. 800/1600/100
9. 1000/2000/100
10. 1500/3000/100
11. 2000/4000/100
12. 3000/6000/100

Time with breaks would be 5:55 if it went to the last round.
If there were 16 or less people the tourney would pay 3 spots.
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For 20 people paying 4 spots, i like the 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% payout.
HeatPackinEsq said:
For 20 people paying 4 spots, i like the 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% payout.
I never understood the whole "linear payout" deally. Some people are huge proponents of it, but to me, I think that first place should be at least 2 times what 2nd place gets.

Much like my site, I'm sure I stand in the minority on this.
I am interested in a $100 buy-in...maybe $200 depending on payout and structure. I would recommend a flatter payout with paying 5 or 6 for 20 entries. I think 40% is sufficient for 1st place. No Rebuys and No bounties for this buy-in. Yes on HHJP. JMO

Your blind structure looks PERFECT to me. That's what I always hope for when I enter a tourney, always to be dissapointed when they don't use that structure.

$200 is fine with me... or $100.

As for the payout, I think that if we had 20, we could pay 5 instead of 4. But I still feel that 1,2,3 should get the biggest part of the pool, with 4 getting maybe double their money and 5th getting money back.

$200, 20 players, $4000 pool

1st - $1800 (45%)
2nd - $1000 (25%)
3rd - $600 (15%)
4th - $400 (10%)
5th - $200 (5%)

This way, 1st 2nd and 3rd together are taking 85% of the pool, which seems about right to me. 4th gets a little extra, and 5th basically bubbles to get his $ back. this structure pays 25% of the players as well.

Just my thoughts... I know you guys all have more tourney experience so do it how you see fit. Doesn't really matter, cause I'll be taking first anyway!

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Taking all of that into consideration, and the idea of opening it to more spots, I'm still a fan of a top heavy payout. Something in along the lines where 1st gets 2X more than 2nd, 3X more than 3rd, and so on.
With 20 people, I would call it a stretch to pay 5th place. That would be 25% of the entries. Then I ask 'how much of the other payouts get sacrificed to pay the 5th spot' and is it worth it? Because at that point, 4th and 5th are only fighting for the entry fee, (in this case) a $200 difference.

We'll have to work though the particulars, but this is what I wanted. A discussion for us to share our ideas on it and get something rolling.

As far as a count, are there 20 of us who would play?
I can count about 10 or 12 solids if it were timed with every ones schedules.
I would do $100 for sure, $200 would be a maybe.
Definite positive for the $200, or $100 if we can't get a full crowd for 2 bills.

I agree that 1,2, and 3 should get most of the pool. a flat payout (40, 30, 20, 10%) doesn't really seem right to me, as it doesn't really give incentive for a monster finish. with 20 im down for paying 4 (20% of the field). just stick with what you think is appropriate and send out the evite and ill be down!

Dodger said:
I would do $100 for sure, $200 would be a maybe.
Me too. 200 is a bit out of the comfort zone, would still consider it.
Either buy in is okay. I would go for bounty also (which could come out of the buy in or separately). Lukewarm on HHJP.

My preference on the blinds are not to double every round. Ante or not doesn't make a difference IMO.

With that I like to propose the following: Starting stack of $5000 (assume 20 players).
1 $25 $50 30
2 $50 $100 30
3 $75 $150 30
Break, remove greens
4 $100 $200 30
5 $200 $400 20
6 $300 $600 20
7 $400 $800 20 (about 4 hours elapse time)
Break (maybe down close to final table)
8 $600 $800 15
9 $800 $1500 15
Break, remove blacks (probably short handed now)
10 $1000 $2000 15
11 $1500 $3000 15
12 $2000 $4000 15
13 $3000 $6000 15 (probably heads up now)

Shortening the rounds at the end is okay since you will still get the same amount of hand per round given the lesser number of players remaining.
If the payout is top heavy I would like to see more plays at the final table so it is not a crapshoot.
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It looks like we are all pretty agreeable on the blinds and getting close to what we all want for the payout structure, depending on the number of players and the buy in amount.

I'd like to see it at $200, but if that pushed players out who would otherwise play at $100, then adjusting it to $100 would be very likely as the goal would be to have a 20 person showing and fill all the available seats.

I'll start knocking around dates and post a thread for a date / option to see where we stand in getting people in the seats.
I think you are going to get 20 at $100 but no way for $200 unless you have alot of people who are coming that don't normally frequent the boards or BYOC games which is fine...however you can get them there.
i am down for 100 but if it is 200 i will probably be down for dealing
Maybe do a $100 and a separate $20 for bounty (mandatory if you decide to do it). People who will play for $100 will probably play for $120.
LOL!!! :lol:
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