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Hey, where can I really learn poker?

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Ok, I have been playing cards intensely since june, but I don't think I really know how to play...

With my usual group, I am a big winner every single time, yet I consider myself terrible.

I don't play the players;
I change my style from slow, to loose, to aggressive like a sail boat changes directions;

and yeah... I just want to get better.

I really want to build up a bank roll and eventually have enough cash for the big games in vegas, so what would you guys suggest?

Are there any great sites? Books? Or what do you think I should do?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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Read as many books as you can, hell read them all.

best books,, Poker Theory, Holdem for advanced players, Super systems, plus there is vairous software you can buy,,, But most of all keep practicing.

I am a basketball player and played at VERY high levels and the only thing I can say is practice, practice, practice,,,, You can read on how to shoot freethrows all day long, form, tenique, etc. But if youve never shot a throw you cant expect to make them in a pressure situation or any where for that matter unless you have been there and done it repeatedly. I tell my kids practice how you would play in a game even if it dont mean shit.. i.e. If your at practice and screwing around missing lay ups you WILL miss them in a game, just the same if you get used to playing J2 screwing around(for you quads) when you get in a game you will play and 81% of the time you will lose.... Hope it helps.

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Depending on what type of game you want to get better at, yes, there are different strategies for tournaments vs. ring games, you will need to read, practice and watch. I have learned alot from watching poker on t.v.
One book that I would recommend is Tournament Poker For Advanced Players by David Sklansky. I have read it numerous times and find it to be well worth the purchase price. However, that is only MY opinion. Others may feel different.
Also, like the previous reply said, practice, practice, practice. Although books are great learning tools, nothing beats real world play.
Be careful what limits you play at though. I have found that in the $3-$6 game at Cache Creek, luck plays a larger role than skill. Reason being, at $3-$6, you will always have atleast a couple of players calling you all the way to the river w/ nothing. Even when you have a solid hand, often one of those "fishers" catch something. It is just too hard to bluff at a $3-$6 table.
To really test your skills, try a no limit table or a tournament. I think skill comes into a much larger role in these type of games versus a small limit ring game.
Also, venture outside of your "usual group". The more types of players you play against, the better off you will be.
Again, this is only my opinion. I am by no means a great player, I may not even be a good player, but I definately have gotten better since I started playing and I owe this to reading, watching and practicing.
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If you really want to play poker at the highest level, you ought to come observe ME play. I only charge $75 an hour for the privilege of observing me kick some ass at the the local cardroom of your choice.
$75 an hour
STOP IT! When was the last time you pulled $75 an hour playing poker, granted your little attorney bill rate may be 1/2 that... but c'mon!!!
Half that?? I was thinking attorney rates were twice that!
You should see the cases he loses!
Guy parks in a red zone at the hospital while trying to get the the ER.
Get's a parking ticket......

Couldn't even get the dead guy off.....
Hey, $75 an hour is a great rate for poker lessons. My hourly rate at work is $200!!
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