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Help on Last Night in Town

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Okay, so I was just informed that today is my last full day in Sacramento. I'm flying out tomorrow morning around 8:30am (unless I end up on the god-awful 6:30am flight).

So...what should I do on my last night? I figure poker has got to account for some of it.

I didn't make it to all of the poker rooms in the area, but I hit more than half...I don't know if I'm in the mood for going to a new place...and am currently leaning towards play at either Lucky Derby or the Limelight. Of course, I'm also toying with the really crazy idea of either Reno, Tahoe, or San Jose...just have to make it back in time for the flight.

Any suggestions from the masses?
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Forget poker I think you should contact Quads about his recommendations on which strip clubs you should go to.
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