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Harvey's / Armstrong and Getty $10,000 Tourney

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BYOC Was in FULL effect at the Clear Channel Armstrong and Getty $10,000 No Limit Tourney with Quads, Jerry The Pimp, James and The Black Widow.

While I won’t go into the detail (yet) of the tourney, this message is to congratulate James, for kicking ass and taking names.....



(no, I'm not bullshitting you, he took the tourney, lock stock and barrel)
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Quads isn't bluffing.... this time! Thats right folks, Heather and I just got back from Tahoe. We went up for the weekend to play in the tourney. Total time was about 7 hours or so. Heather made a great effort but went out about 2 hours into it. Jerry lasted a bit longer (not sure exactly how long). Started with $1500 in tourney chips for a $225 cash buy in. About 3 hours into it, I was down to about $500 (smallest stack by far at my table). But then I doubled up twice and tripled up twice and suddenly had over $20k in tourney chips.
There were a total of 148 entries.
Top two finishers each took $10k entry to WSOP 2005 and $500 cash. Places 3-8 shared about $8k.
I took 1st and will be proud to represent fellow BYOC'ers in the "big show".
I have the option to take the cash instead, so Heather and I are going to think about it for a while since the WSOP isn't until June 2005. We really could use the $$$ to landscape our back yard. Please check out my poll/post re: how i should use the loot.
Thanks to Quads and Jerry the Pimp for their support and cheering at the final table!!!
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You're kidding, right? You're not really going to pass up a chance to play in the WSOP, are you??? Congratulations!

SECOND, take the cash, put in the the bank, if it's still there come WSOP 2005 entry time, then take it out and go. If it's gone then it went to something with more priority.

And that's okay.
I had just wrote a big post and then I had an error posting it so here is the short version.......You are the fucking man!!!

Congrats and whatever you decide to do with the loot will be the right play.

All I know is I want you at my next high stakes game on Nov. 6 baby!
There's more incentive to vote for Kerry now. As you can see under Bush the rich get richer.

Also, there's even more reasons to hate lawyers.

But seriously, Congrats, J. My advice is to take the money and run.
Congrats James! Hearing this win is making it even harder to concentrate at work now. I believe they have tournies playing all week at Harveys.

Good show!

WOW!! That is fantastic news!! Congrats!!!
as WORM pointed out, for any of you that are interested, Harveys does in fact have other tournaments planned for their special "poker week" this week. Buy ins are around $200 if i remember right.
BTW, i'll be posting some pics of the final table and the 4-foot check they gave me!
Absolutely awsesome James!

Good work!

You da' man!

I think Stockton Dave had the right angle on this -put it in the bank - if it's still there when WSOP time rolls around, then you didn't have anything more important to spend it on.

Hell, I'd probably use it to go play in some omore of those tournies - you do it again and you don't have to make a choice!

DO make sure you bring some of that dough by some of OUR games - we don't want you squandering it over at Limelight you know.....

Congrats man!
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Final Table:
Medium Chip Stack

Final table, 3 people to go, James is one possibly hand away from 10 large. The (bald) guy with his back to the camera was the second place winner. The older guy in 9th position went out next, then followed by the cat in the hat sitting in 2nd position. There was a chick on the other end of the table that went out third.
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Final Table

Black Widow and I

Big Ol Check
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I edited your post and hosted them on my server. Yahoo doesn't like to link to the pictures for some reason.
Here is a quote from Heather when James was about 5th on the final table:

Quads: "You know, if he wins this mutherf_cker, he's gonna get one of those BIG ass checks and they'll take his picture"
BW: "NO WAY!?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!
Quads: "Serious"
BW: "Ok, then I want James to win"
As I was faced with many close decisions during the tourney, I often recalled some wise advice I had received from Quads before it started. It was something to the effect of: "Whenever you are faced with a decision to call another player's all-in bet, you must ask yourself: is it worth it to take this risk NOW, or would I rather save my chips for a better opportunity later?" :roll:
"If someone bets over the top of you and it would put you all in to call, you have to aks yourself 'am I willing to lay down this (potentially very good) hand to and see another flop with the chips I have?, or am I willing to risk it on this hand?' "

Or something to that effect.
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