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So my Brother in law is absolutely terrified of clowns. He and I are very very tight and get along quite well and are the best of drinking buddies and always trying to one up one another. He is flying out for the weekend to party, hang out, celebrate his birthday, etc.

One of the things I've always told him from back when, (another story too long to get into here) is that he is my favorite mutherfu*&%$. It stuck, and I've always said it to him, and has just turned out to be one of those things. It's grown through out the family, in the sense that my other brother in law would ask me "hey, where is your m.f" rather than saying 'hey, where is tom?'.

Fresh from the bakery, a birthday cake, just for him.
I likely find far more humor in this than the other, but I had to share.

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