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Hagar Lost $300

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A group of guys are holding their weekly poker game. One pot in particular grows to a size they have never seen in their little game before. Raise, reraise, reraise again. Soon just Hagar and Quads are in the pot. Hagar pushes all in thinking he's got it made with his full house 5's over 7's. Quads immediatly calls. Hagar flips his cards over and confidently reaches for the pot. Quads says "not so fast buddy" and flips over his full house of 7's over 5's. Hagar had over $300 of his own money in the pot. A sharp pain sears through Hagar's chest and left arm as he clutches at his chest and gasps for air. Paramedics are called to no avail. Hagar has died of a heart attack. The guys all discuss how to break the news to Hagar's wife. They draw straws and Daddy Warbucks is chosen as the representative. As Daddy is leaving the others admonish him "be tactful" and Daddy replies "gentleman, Tact is my middel name". Daddy rings the bell at Hagar's house, Hagar's Wife answers and seeing one of her husbands "no good" poker buddies she inquires "what do YOU want". Daddy replies, "maam, I'm sorry to inform you that your husband lost $300 playing poker tonight." Furious she says "tell him to drop dead". Daddy replies "OK, I'll tell him. Have a good night"
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wow....Hagars dead and I'm "no good"....terrible chain of events!! LOL
Careful... it was almost me that was dead and Doc delivering the news.... :wink:
hehehehe...........either way.........someone lost $300!!!

Annie got me Super Systems.....have you read it?
I have. It tops my list of "Books I must read if I want to play poker like a superstar and impress my family and friends"

I also have Super System Two which I haven't gotten into yet, but am looking forward to starting soon.

Another quick read that is worth it is Poker Wisdom of a Champion by Doyle. It's more stories of games and situations, but a good read none the less.
i need to do something........i am having a lot of fun......but aren't making any money. That is to say I am not winning the hands I should be winning. I find myself frustrated more at hands I should have played and less happy with the hands that I do play........
I know what you mean, and at times I have the same discussion with myself for a few days after a game....

I think you may be bitting off a little extra with Super System. That's a lot of book for the first or second read. I might suggest Warren's "Winners Guide to Texas Hold'em" there are two versions. Start with the smaller one, then the larger. A fantastic book I just finished, (actually now that I think of it, you should start with) is called "Winning Low Limit Poker" GREAT book for the limits we play. I'd next go to Doyle's book I mentioned earlier, then Caro's book "Winning Poker Secrets", next "Caro's Book of Poker Tells" , then I'd get into into the Super System's and such.

Just a thought on reading, but as with anything grat what ever peaks your interest and go with it. Those are books that I liked and found value in.
She bought me "Caro's Book of Poker Tells" also........have read a couple other books......."hold'em poker" by Sklansky and one other one......we'll see what happens.......thanks!!
Caro's book of tells is great. I've been flipping around in that every so often and need to sit down and read it start to finish.

Slanskeys books are great as well.

Let me know if you want to borrow any of mine.
A sharp pain sears through Hagar's chest and left arm as he clutches at his chest and gasps for air
Elizabeth I'm coming to join you honey!!!!
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