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Hagar & Doc - Read this about my chip carrier

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When you guys got your chip carrier from Ebay (I believe that plegend guy who sells it), did yours arrive kind of dirty and scratched up? It basically looks like it has been used in a casino and it arrived with a chipped off black corner. All the stuff is cosmetic and can be fixed with super glue, but I was disappointed with it not looking new.

It is functional and I love how it carries the chips. Just wanted your experience on how yours arrived.
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I got 2 of them.

1 was perfect.

The other was damaged. The clear acrylic was actually chipped out. I got some glue and fixed it. I think it was just shipping damage. They may have had a stack tip over or something. I was disapointed, but it was just easier to fix it than deal with trying to return it.
Mine was new and perfect when I got it. I bought it from "gratefuldad5" but he's just a distributor for 5star. It actually came from 5star.
Hagar / Big Kahuna, who on ebay did you buys yours from?
I just got one for $20 bucks. (of course they rape you for the shipping) ... 6130433286

Doc said he got his from gratefuldadof5 which I've bought from as well. I didn't know who you got yours from.
Same for me so hopefully yours is good. Seems like a crap shoot
I'll let you know. It's been "shipped" for a few days now.
If you got it through Ebay, you probably went through plegend (Same guy as me. You probably got a 50/50 shot at getting one that's not somewhat damaged. I have some acrylic glue if you need to glue some pieces back on.....
correct on the plegend guy.
I'll let you know when it shows up.

Although for 30 dollars shipping, (of which he pais about 5 or 7) the case better show up without any damage or he's sending a new one.
I would have done the same, except that I went through hell trying to get him to complete my chip order from him. His post-sales service is awful.

The damage to my case was no critical, so it was well worth it to me to just fix the damn thing rather than get into a 3 month hastle of dealing with a return process.
Sure as shit. Got my case today, and it's busted all to hell. Each corner is busted, 2 of the chip racks are busted. It's not just a chip off the corner, that I could deal with. These are cracks from top to bottm.

Called them, they are sending out another.

It's two things. Shitty packing, and rough shipping.
If they were packed correctly, they would survive the journey from ROC to USA.

Bummer. Glad to hear you got throught to them to get another.

I'm getting the feeling that they had a pallet of these things that got mangled by a forklift or something. It's too bad they didn't bother to check them out to weed out the really bad ones.
Looking at it, it looks like the way the top cover piece sits on the base is where it's breaking. Poor packing from the MFG.

They said they will be sending out a new cover on Monday.
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