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I booked a room at Reno Hilton for tommorow night (10/2), and will be coming back Monday afternoon.

It's the fall pot of gold, and I plan on playing in either 1 or 2 of the $100 or $200 limit and NL tourneys that they are offering. There is also a HL omaha tourney going on during that time if anyone is interested.

Anyway, I have a 2 bed room, so if anyone is interested in tagging along, the company is always welcome! I know most people work Monday, so hopefully someone will be able to come. Let me know... I've got room for 3 more in my car~


530-304-0959 (cell)

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HAAA! Scooter couldn't get a room up there.... not even at the chuck wagon inn....

I may room share with you. I'm trying to get up there, but need to handles some other issues around here.

I'll let you know.

Anyone else planning on heading up there?
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