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Man and his wife are walking along the sidewalk when a
shabby looking bum stops them and ask for two dollars
for food.
The man takes two dollars out of his wallet then says,
"If I give this to you, will you buy booze with it?"
Bum says, "On, no, I quit drinking years ago."
Man then asks. "Will you gamble it away?"
Bum answers, "No, sir, I don't gamble anymore."
Man asks, "Will you use this for green fees to play a
round of golf?"
Bum says, "Hell, no! I haven't played golf in twenty
years! Are you gonna give me the two bucks or what?"
"Calm down," says the man. "I just wanted to show my
wife what a man looks like if he gives up drinking,
gambling, and playing golf."
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