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i was searching through which lists various home games and i came across a game going in winters where they play 20-40 limit. Thats way to high for me but i figured some of you guys might be interested in it.

here is what they listed

City, State winters, CA
Game Time Saturdays, 4 pm
Card Game Hold 'Em
Game Type Cash
Buy-In, Limit $300, Limit
Average # of Players 13 or more
Skill Level 5 out of 5
Average Age 20's
Email [email protected]
Additional Comments We have a few guys that will be leaving the area. We play $20 - $40 and some times we will mix it up with $10 - $20 depending on the amount of players. Also on the last Sunday of each month we do a $200 buy in tournament 1st, 2nd, 3rd get paid. Have a waitress and two dealers. Will tell you more if your interested. All ages welcome. Must be at least 18+ Thanks.....
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