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FS - 8' Banquet Tables w/ folding legs

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I have about 20 of these tables I used for larger LAN Parties. I am now only doing smaller ones and want to liquidate some of my equipment. These are the standard wood ones you get at a table rental place with the metal folding legs and the metal support rail underneath. They are in good shape, with wear on some. I actually made a nice, but heavy, poker table using one of these as a base. Turned out beautiful. Anyway, here are the details:

$25 each or will cut a deal on quantity.

Pickup in Roseville or will deliver 5 or more for free in Sac area.

[email protected](remove me)
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Will you sell just the folding leg assy from the table?
I figured that question would come up. I would prefer to sell them whole, since I really am trying to get my storage area cleaned out.....but....if I dont get any takers on the tables, I will have to do something, and I will give ya a jingle.
Alright, price drop for BYOC peeps.

$20 each now.

So basically, you are spending $6 over the price of a $14 set of folding legs for a table top and support rail.

ICQ 43894514 - I am home all weekend.
Final Price drop as I have advertised elsewhere too.

$15 each and you haul from my storage in Roseville. If you want just the legs and support rail, you will need to dispose of the table tops.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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