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FOR SALE: my Hold 'Em table...the one from BYOC games

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Check out the "Tables" thread in the General BYOC Game Information topic...
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If there are no takers and you really want to get rid of it to build a new one, I would consider buying it for a bit less than you are asking. I would love to have 2 tables on hand for my games but the second table I would normally build would look completely different then the one you are selling with the materials that I recently bought for the table Quads just built.

Like I said, only if you were really wanting to get rid of it.
Thanks for the offer, BK. I'm gonna stick to my guns for now but I will keep it in mind.

So I'm curious...What kinda different thing would you do with antother table?
I like the table topping I picked out better. The material will not fray and is a bit slicker of a surface.

Correct me if I am wrong, I thought you built yours with an 8 foot table as the base which adds a ton of weight. I like the Hagar method better which makes it real light but again, you may have already done that.

That's about it.
OK...I'll correct you...

I did use a 6 foot conference table base, but it was a super heavy duty table. Yeah that added a lot of weight, but I think that Quads table is still just a tad bit heaver than mine.

The lighter table is nice, but I think I'd probably do it the same way next time. Even though it's a hassle to move because it's so damned heavy, it's very sturdy. There's no amount of moving or jossling that is gonna make it wobbly or come loose. It's very well built.

Do ya hear that...Any of you who might be thinking about buying the table? It's built with QUALITY in mind! Sturdy, well-built, American made quality...It's a DEAL at $250. :)

BK...What kind of material did you get for the top? Is it like that velveteen that you see at auction on E-Bay?
No, I am not sure what it just looks and feels good and come friday, we will see how it does in action.

I will back Doc up and say it is a good deal to buy his table which will eleviate some of the hassle of buying all the raw materials for a new one. I do like sturdy as well.

But, the salesman in me says I can never except the first offer. That's just me even though it would cost someone well over $400 for the same type of table online.

Will someone please buy Doc's table!!!
AWWWWWWWWWWWW...So what are you trying to say...You're gonna beat up your old buddy Doc about the price??? CHIIIEEEEEEFFF?!?!?! Why's it gotta be that way???????????? :D

Really though...For everybody to hear...I'm not trying to make any money on the table. I'm into that thing for every bit of $250. If it were in any lesser condition than the day we made it I'd knock it down a bit, but it's just like brand new. If I WERE wanting to haggle over it, I'd start at $300 and work my way down if I had to. I just want to give somebody here a fair deal.

I do appreciate the plug though, Bud. Maybe somebody sees that the table and the price got a recommendation from you and they'll be more likely to give it a thought.

Thanks, Bro...You're alright!!! :D
If I hadn't just laid down the dough to build my own, I would have bought the table for $250.

How is that for and ad!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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