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Due to the lack of interest in the Monday night game, which seems to be loosing steam at this point... I called Scooter to see if he was hungry and if he wanted to go grab some chow and a few beers.

He and Black Widow rolled down and we grabbed some Messican chow. A lot of our table chatter was about poker, playing different games, where we were in our games a year ago, tourneys, cash games, etc.

On the way out, I suggest we go over to Folsom Lake Bowl (FLB) and grab a drink and watch the poker game they are running. So we decide to do just that.

We get there, and I'm quickly reminded of what a shit hole that place is. The Limelight feels like a classy upscale joint compared to FLB. A few skanks at the bar with their exposed mid drift blubber roll watching a few others play pool on the beer soaked pool table while the billiard balls cut through the stench in the air as they are moved across the table. For the love of god, where is the poker room.

Drink in hand, we stand there watching the game in action, asking questions like "Can I go all in" and making total fools of ourselves, as though we just learned to play. Scooter pops off with a "This is JUST like on the World Poker Tour."

The Poker 'Boss' comes over and asks me if I'd like a seat. I ask how much the buy in is and he inform me that it's a $2/4 game and I can buy for a minimum of $40 and a max of $100. I take the $40 option, still playing the n00b card to the fullest extent and wandering around in a confused fashion all the while.

I sit down in the BB and act like nothing is going on while the dealer reminds me that its my BB, so I ask her "what does that mean" and she says I have to put two chips out. So I do. With great interest and exaggeration, I look around the table as each person puts chips in the pot and gets their cards dealt to them. I look down at my cards, J/9o, great, my favorite drawing hand. I'm off to a great start. Dealer comes back to me and asks for my option. "Option??" "Yes, you have the option to check or raise."
Raise?" while putting 6 or 7 chips out in front of me. She corrects me and says the raise can only be 2 chips. Callers all the way around.

Flop is what ever, but pairs my jack.
Next player bets. Calls all around, I call.
Turn is an ace.
Bets and calls all around.
River is a 9 to give me 2 pair.
Bets all around. Only this time, I'm UTG and I attempt to raise myself.
Showdown, I proudly show my two pair and get the pot sent to me.
I'm asking "Is this good?"
The table is snickering because this n00b took a pot down and got lucky on the river.

Next hand, K/2.
Same thing, raise out of position, calls all around, nice size pot.
Flop, A/10/5
River 2
Now the table isn't too happy with me.

Next hand I dump back to them with a 5/4 and NOTHING on the board that even remotly helped me, but I proudly showed it down at showdown.
James asks, "What happened" and I reply "I could have gotten a straight because there was a nine out there"

Following hand I play and win with an ass two pair. (again, paired on the river)

Next hand, Qs/3s, I'm on the button, I raise.
Callers all around.
Flop is rainbow with one spade.
I attempt the raise myself move out of turn. But can only bet, when it is my turn. Someone else raises, I call the raise.
Callers all around.
Runner runner spade.
We get to the show down and I proudly show my cards. The dealer starts to say two pair for another players hand, but I say (while point to my cards) "I have all the same suite. all spades... is that good?"
"Why yes, it is, you have the flush!" Says the dealer.
The table is now thinking and plotting evil ways against me.

I play another hand or two, win one, lose one.

In summary, I played 10 or so hands.
Saw the river with 8 of them.
Won 7 of them
Dumped 1
Cashed out with $145 an orbit later.

Scooter can't stand it anymore and wants to try and play the green card so he takes my seat as I cash out. "Can I get some of those plastic things for my chips"

Scooter rolls through most of the same actions, and takes down a few pots as well. Problem with him is while he's playing the "I'm new to poker" card, he is doing chip tricks in one hand while his other hand holds his cards. I promptly beat his ass when we walked out of there, but he played for about 3 or so orbits and cashed out as well.

I'd love to go back in there, but I couldn't do so with the expectations of a "good solid poker game" It's $2/4 for christ sakes and they see every river card.

One last hand I remember was between me and this guy on my right. Calling me all the way down. The board is nothing to be interested in, I have none of it, no pair, no straight draw, no flush, nothing. I have K/5o, obviously playing it, and he flips over on the showdown and says I'm playing the board. I look concerned with a "what does that mean" and the dealer points out that he has a Jack high. I proudly turn over my K/5 and ask "Is this good?" "Do I win?"

While the dealer is pushing me the pot, I was waiting to feel the chain that holds his guys wallet to his belt come across the back of my neck and knock me out. Meanwhile, he says, 'I just wanted to see what you had'.

"Oh, well why didn't you ask? I would have showed you!"

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Classic! Gotta love this game~
.. im now off to give blood and then win the tourney... bloodsource is right near derby, so i usually play after i donate... good karma! im saving lives here, for chrissake!!! I should win tonight


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Quads said:
7 nights a week, starting at 8 PM
They started playing every night around the first of September.

I wish I'd known y'all were headed there. I ended up trying out Capitol. Made some money, but I really hate paying three blinds every orbit.
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