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Fitzgerald's Reno (Dodger...look here)

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Maybe Dodger knows the answer to this question...He stays at Fitzgerald's...

What's difference between the "economy" and the "standard" room at Fitz's in Reno. For the last weekend in October, the economy rooms are only $52. That's cheaper than the Circus. Circus is $60. Fitz's standard room is $62.

Is it just the view (as it sometimes is with the economy rate), or does the Fitz actually have some crummy rooms in an old wing someplace?
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Nevermind...I just answered my own question...

It's on the lower view...the rooms are a little smaller...2 double beds instead of 2 queens.

Hags...What do you think???

$52 for Fitz's
$60 for CC
It don't matter to me one litle bit. The $8 differrence ain't going to make a bit of difference to me.

I'd say to get the one that's closest to downtown, which I belive is Fitzgeralds.
Hey, I just received another "free offer" from the fitz. They have special rates for the weekend of the 22nd, $32 a night, or the weekend of the 29th, $30 a night. You have to call their VIP line. Give it a try---




Just don't tell them where you got the phone number

You have to say "I want to go home for the holidays"
YOU ROCK!!! Thanks, Bro... :D :D :D
That's what I'm talkin about!

Are you kidding? I was working today!

I was busy on!!! Do you really think I have enough time at work to turn off and do something else???

I never got around to it.

Hags...One of us ought to give them a call on Wednesday. We probably need to pay the first night. Whoever makes the reservation can collect half from the other this weekend. You want the reservation in your name, or you want me to make the call?
Hags...On Wednesday I'm gonna be in a training class at a hotel in Dublin. I'm printing out these phone numbers to take them with me, but I won't be at a computer all day. Call me on the cell phone sometime during the day and let's figure out this reservation thing. If you miss me leave a message. I'll email my cell number to you.
Did it work?
Nope - they started asking about my VIP card and tried to look me up in the go. They did say that if I brought in the promo flyer they'd give me the discount.

I booked a room at the $58 for us Doc. I can live with that.
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