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I'm jonesin' for some fishing. I haven't done any at all this year, mostly 'cuz I'm too damned busy with poker, but I'm starting to get the jitters from fishing withdrawal. I'm gonna start fishing the lakes up here. In another couple months when the salmon start hitting up here I'll be all about that too.

Are there any other fishermen among the bunch???
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Ask the Mrs..... I've always been known to pack a hook on the end of my rod.

I'm in for a fishin (in water) versus for cards one afternoon.
I love fishing, have a license, yet haven't fished all year. (excuse the emoticons, my daughter has to pick one every post) :D
Never mind the emoticons - who's idea was it for that gawd-awful avi you have. That may well be the ugliest thing I ever saw! :shock: 8)
Interesting...but excellent! I never would have pegged Quads and Dodger as fishermen. Cool though!

I am gonna go fish Folsom with my father-in-law tomorrow morning. I'll find the fish tomorrow (yeah, right...) so we can go do some good out there if you guys wanna make a trip sometime. We can fish 3 out of my big boat and be comfy. Maybe in a couple of weeks we can plan something...a Saturday or Sunday morning early? The 24th would work for me if we're not playing golf before poker that day.
I might up to hang out and be the beer biatch and bait boy sometime, but I'll leave the fishin' to you guys.

Me and fish don't get along too well. (Kinda like poker I guess..... :shock: )
Well then...We'll all get together to hang out on the boat one morning/afternoon and throw a few lines in the water.

Today's fishing report...

Found out this morning that there is only ONE fish left in all of Folsom Lake. We did catch him though and threw him back, but unless he's asexual then he may not reproduce in time for us to catch his inbred siblings.

What a crappy morning fishing... :evil:

If we're gonna bring a beer biyotch on this little fishing trip we're planning, then maybe we ought to do it late one afternoon. Maybe we'll catch the catfish coming out to feed at dusk. That'd be cool. Maybe even throw a few burgers on the 'que while we're out there...
I know quite a few good fishing lakes, depending on what you like to fish for. I'll fish for anything, it's just fun going. Plus it's great to have a little(big) bait boy.
We could plan something for the 4 of us...That'd be cool...

I nominate a Saturday afternoon/dusk trip to Folsom Lake. The trolling might be better someplace else, but trolling is a lot of work, especially when you have more than 2 people in the boat. (Not to mention that you've gotta wake up early to do any good trolling anyplace.)

We can get some good-sized catfish and maybe a nice rainbow outta the South Fork at Folsom some evening. All we gotta do is pick a little cove, thrown out an anchor, put some lines in the water, then put the beer boy to work. I'll bring the boat BBQ and we'll throw on some burgers for din-din.

If you guys want to so some SERIOUS fishing, let's wait until the salmon hit the river up here. That'd be a kick ass fun trip.

So what's the next weekend that we're gonna have a Friday night game or no game at all so our Saturday is free. When are you guys available???
I'm never FREE, but I'm usually pretty cheap.

Why don't we do a (reasonably) early Sat. trip, so we don't have to sacrifice a Sat night of cards?

How does Aug. 7 work into that kind of plan?
Here's my schedule...If you're all really up for it then lemme know when you want to go...

July 17...camping with Mrs Doc
July 24...wide open
July 31...relocating the Warbucks' family
Aug vacation
Aug 14...wide open
Aug 21...wide open
Aug 28...taking Mrs Doc away for the weekend

Assuming that we're really gonna try to golf on 7/24, then August 14 or 21 are about the only 2 days I could do it.

This may not be the popular decision among my naval crew, but I would be perfectly happy with skipping a Saturday night of poker in exchange for a catfishing trip and an evening of beers on the boat. If there are 3 or 4 of us, then it would almost have to be that way.

Fishing's no good anywhere around here to just sit in one place during the day, and trolling with 3 or 4 guys in the boat is too much work and not enough fun. That'd be a combination of constantly getting out of each other's way while jockeying lines and depths behind the boat to avoid getting all the lines tangled. Besides...putting back and forth a lake at 3 mph doesn't stay fun for long when that's all you're doing.

So let me know what you think. Maybe we could just plan to leave open one of those Saturday nights in August and do a Friday night game instead. If you really want to make a Saturday morning fishing trip though, then we should wait for the salmon, probably in late September.
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First - don't let my fat tag-along ass get in the way of your fishing. If I make it crowded, then I won't feel rejected (at least not too much) if you want leave me behind and go scare the hell out of the fishies. Seriously.

So, I take it you're not up for Sat AM on the lake to be followed by poker? I understand you're busy, but there's a pretty strong chance the 24th golf isn't going to fly (based on an extreme lack of response on that issue) so maybe we could do it then?

The only day on your "available list that I don't have other stuff is Aug 21. Maybe we could do Friday poker that week with Sat eve. fishing/ beer biathcing?
Believe me, Bud...It's got nothing to do with being worried about having too many fat asses in the boat. I just want everybody to have a good time, that's all. That said...I reconsider and here's the offer...

If you cancel golf on the 24th, the 3 of you (Hagar, Quads, Dodger) have an invite for a fishing trip that morning. Here's the disclaimer:

1. I'd prefer to go to Folsom because it's close and it's a good place to have some fun if the fishing sucks. (We also have plans there on Sunday so it will be convenient for me to leave the boat there overnight.)

2. There's no guarantee on the fishing success. Fishing is tough now because the water is warm and the skiers are out early.

3. I took the top off the boat over the winter and I won't have a new one made until the first week of August. That just means we're in the sun during the day. Doesn't bother me...I love it...but there's no shade on the boat right now in case you can't stand being in the sun that much. So after a few hours of fishing we might wanna switch to "jumping in the water and drinking beer" mode.

When we have a better idea of what August looks like, I'll invite you guys for the Sat nite catfishing/BBQ trip out there. I think it will probably be Aug 14 when I can do that. Now that I think about it, I think we may have plans for the 21st after all.

If Hagar cancels golf...I'll send you guys an email about it...
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That almost sounds like a plan. :lol:
Mike, Mark, & Jasen,

I might be able to host a 2 table game for August 21 since I saw that was one of the days you had open. Put it in your mental calendar and let's talk as we get closer.

It would be inside my house with cool air conditioning but I would want to limit it to 2 tables of nine each. My house can't handle the 12 around a table.

We'll talk about it later.

Jason D.
I'm up for fishing on the 24th instead of golf. It's a lot cheaper. One tank of gas, a few 12ers, a few hot dogs, and very little catfish bait and were set. I'm cool with parking it in a cove and dragging the bottom for some cats. As far as I know, after this weekend, I'm pretty free through August. I let you guys fight over the day.
As far as I know, we would probably have the same fishing luck for cats early or late. Of the two cats I've caught in Folsom, one was about 6 pounds caught at about 10:30 pm with about 10 shots of peppermint schnapps 101 in me, and the other was a two pounder at about 9:30 am completely sober. What's that tell you aboout my fishing?
Let me know what you guys think. Don :lol:
Let's do it. I am still hoping to throw some cards that night because I get the impression that most everyone is available.

JUst get me off the lake by 3:00 so I have a chance to get home and get stuff ready and I say it's a plan!
OK...It's a plan...Dodger and Hagar are in.

Quads...You up for fishing on the morning of the 24th???

I'll send you guys an email tonight about it...
ya know.......they have fish at the supermarket now. LOL!!
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