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Feather Falls

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What's up Good Folks,
I have a story to tell. Last night I only worked an hour and a half. When I got off a buddy of mine told me about a $100 max. min. buy in @ Feather Falls. It's a little casino on the outskirts of oroville. It was my first time there and it was pretty nice. Anyway back to card room.Iam in seat 5 and small blind The very first hand I have pocket kings with 4 people in the hand and flopped a full house Kings full of 8's. I am the first to act so I check, one person behind me bets $20, Everyone calls so I raise it $50, Everyone calls. The turn came a Queen. I went all in a whole $45 , 2 people out of 3 called :D . As it turns out the guy behind me had pocket q's Which gave him a full house on the turn the other guy poor guy he had a set of 8's thinking they were good. I smirked as I was taking the pot down. But the guy with the set of 8's was on tilt so early in the game. 4 hands I had pocket q's raised $200 he went all in with 10-3 off suit. It was great.

Anyway the reason for this short story is if you folks want to make some money fast on a table full of fish.This is the place to be. Be sure to bring your fishing pole because these folks were going all in with nothing. Straight draws Flush draws that sort of thing. In 4 hours of work I walked with a little under $600.

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I've heard of the card room, however have never caught any action there. Nice to know they are spreading a no limit game.

Well done on your run of cards and thanks for the info. I'll have to wander up there sometime and check out the action.
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