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fabric shopping

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So next week Worm is taking my 1st table off my hands and I'll start working on another one. I'm leaning towards a beige or tan tabletop with red rail.

If I go with a felt surface, I found the place to get that. I am considering though the "velveteen" fabric that Quads is hot about (plus that makes the build about $250 instead of $300).

I know I can get the velveteen on Ebay for about $35 incl shipping, but I've never seen the beige color at auction. If I have to buy the beige directly from PokerNStuff then it's about $45 with shipping.

The cheapest I found the marine vinyl was Ebay for about $37 incl shipping.

So the question is...has anybody found that stuff for less??? (That's 3 yards of each.) Velveteen for less than $45? Vinyl for less than $37?

Dodger...Didn't you have a contact someplace?
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Do some reading and searching at
It is *the* poker table forum of the internet.

Scott is a good buddy of mine.
Nick...I've never found the right widths in Hancocks or any other retail fabric store. For my first table I bought at an upholstery shop, which had everything I wanted, but I paid more than I needed to. Did you find your fabrics at Hancocks? What did you use?
I went to Garland Fabric shop on Howe ave. I got the felt, the marine vinyl, and all the padding for about $120.

They didn't have a huge selection on the felt and it took some digging (not very well organized), but they had every color of marine vinyl you could ever want @ ~$9/yd. I think my felt was ~$9/yd as well.

I personally like to put my hands on stuff like this before I buy.
Quads...Read this thread from Scott Keen's forum and tell me what you think...

The other day I paid the $3 to PNS for a velveteen sample and am waiting for it to arrive. Should I be on the lookout for the cheap stuff?

What're your thoughts???
For someone who's gone fishin', you sure are hanging around here a lot. You and Quads must have the same travel agent. :wink:
Sad...Isn't it???

I am still here in the office. "Technically speaking" I'm at work today, although it'd be difficult to call any of what I'm doing actual "work." (Obviously... :lol: )

I will hit the road at the stroke of 5:00 though, I can tell you that...
I don't know what to tell you other than you should get samples of material and use what YOU like.

It's sold locally and over the net. If you like the touchie feely part, then buy it locally. If you don't care, then buy from someone over the net. The bottom line is that some like it and some don't. Some will fuck it up when putting it on, and others won't.

Same as where some can always connect an inside straight (like for me example) and other can't.

I like the material that I have, an I also like Hagar's. Both are in the velveteen family.

I'm at work too! however I'm on a rock in the middle of an ocean.
Ohhh... lookie there, here comes another sea crate full of booze.... I believe they need my help in unloading it....
You know...The more I think about it the more I think I wanna splurg and go with the real live wool gaming felt. I dunno...There's something special about knowing that the table will be made with "the good stuff"... ... icloth.htm
Don's contact is where I got my good stuff that is different then anything you guys are talking about. I am sure he will pipe up with the contact info. but my whole bill for all the foams, vinyl and tabletop material was $90.

I thought it was a great place.
I have all the info at home but it is a contact that Dodger gave to me. You might want to PM him to get the info faster.
It's called Liberty Upholstry and it's on North Market street, near Arco. Tell them Don from Industrial Caster sent you, and they'll hook you up. They have everything in stock and it's a lot cheaper, plus no shipping. I don't have the direct address here at home, but if you need it I can get it from work.
They are 1015 N. Market Blvd. #7, Sacramento

I bought Ebony Symphony Suede table top material for $40 and the carnival tradewinds marine vinyl for $31 plus all the foam for another $15 or so. My vinyl and table topper wer more on the high quality side so you can end up spending anywhere from $60 to $100 for everything depending on your choices.
Ebony Symphony Suede
I bet the ladies like that.....
That's not all they like BEEEAAHHHTCH!
This post is back on topic. (I know...What a surprise...)

I bought (for $3) a velveteen sample from, a site that has a reputation as "the place to buy" for poker-table-building afficionados like Quads.

The sample came. It totally sucks. If you didn't see this when I posted it earlier, check it out now if you're thinking about building a table with the stuff...

It's a very thin material. Heck...It's so thin I can see through it. Seems like it would be easily damaged. It's also unusual in that it is obviously supposed to stretch, but only in one direction. Seems like it would be very difficult to stretch it tightly over a tabletop.

I can't figure out what is all the fuss about this stuff. Seems like very cheap material to me.
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