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The Matrix
There are two great Easter Eggs hidden on this sci-fi brain-bender. First, go to the "Special Features" menu. In the cast and crew biographies, the page on the writing-directing Wachowski brothers contains a small red pill; highlight it and press "Enter" to see "What Is the Concept?", a 12-minute montage of concept artwork and special-effects test footage. Also in the "Special Features" section, go to "The Dream World" menu and look for another red pill; pressing "Enter" now will show another mini-documentary, "What Is Bullet Time?", explaining the film's miraculous 360-degree slow-motion effects.

On the supplemental disc, go to the second page of special features. Select Trailers and TV Spots, and press your remote's left arrow key to highlight the amulet around Richard Harris' neck. Hit Enter to see a hilarious Chicken Run trailer that's a takeoff on Gladiator. For another egg, go to the Storyboards menu and choose Rhino Fight (a scene not in the film). When the first storyboard appears, press the up arrow to highlight the rhino in the center frame. Hit Enter to read the proposed scene's script.

Fight Club
On the Special Features disc of the darkly comedic Fight Club, go to the Advertising menu and press your remote's "down" arrow three times; a smiley face will appear. Press Enter to witness a gallery of bizarre Fight Club merchandise, along with some hilarious text commentary.

Operate on the MASH movie disc and you'll discover an entertaining Easter Egg. From the main menu, select "Special Features" and then highlight the "THX Optimode" menu entry. Press the right-arrow key on to highlight the helicopter. Press "Enter" to play a foreign language trailer of the movie. Looking for more? Select the signs on the right side of the main menu screen to play audio clips from the movie.

War Games
Press the left arrow key in the main menu and you'll highlight the tic-tac-toe screen in the lower left-hand corner. Press Enter to see a scene of supercomputer Joshua playing tic-tac-toe and ultimately shattering the screen.

Talk about comic-book blockbusters! This DVD has a few hidden powers of its own. In the Art Gallery, highlight the dog tags on-screen to reveal early visual designs and special-effects tests for two grotesque mutants cut from the film's shooting script. In the Trailers and TV Spots menu, use your remote to highlight a rose in the screen's upper-left corner: You'll see a clip of an on-set joke that left the cast and crew in stitches.

A Fish Called Wanda
It'll be the catch of the day with the screen saver that's accessible via a standard DVD player instead of a DVD-ROM. Go to the main menu and select the treasure chest on the right-hand side. If you press Enter, you'll activate an aquarium screen saver. To clear your screen, press Enter again.

Rush Hour
Chris Tucker might ask of this hard-to-find Easter Egg, "Which one of you hid me?" If your DVD player lets you manually access titles, use your remote to navigate to Title 4, Chapter 3. There you'll find "Evil Luke Lee," a hilarious short film that director Brett Ratner made in his youth.

Satirist and screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky would have heartily approved of the Easter Egg on this disc. Select Special Features from the main menu, then press your remote's right arrow until the TV set button is highlighted. Press Enter and you'll be taken to the hidden section; it tells you everything you'd want to know about Nielsen Media Research and the dreaded Nielsen ratings system used as a barometer of viewers' TV habits.
Want to find out why Howard Beale was mad as hell? Select the "Special Features" entry from the main menu and then press the right-arrow key until the button on the TV set is highlighted. Hit "Enter" to access a hidden section on the workings of Nielsen Media Research, the company behind television's dreaded ratings system.

It's time for Easter Egg hunters to get a life, according to the Mallrats DVD. Go to the Special Features menu and select Deleted Scenes; press the right arrow key to highlight the robot's eyes. If you hit Enter, director Kevin Smith will admonish you to stop looking for Easter Eggs on DVDs and go do something!

Pink Floyd: The Wall
The hidden feature takes some work to find (and is the subject of controversy among Easter Egg aficionados). You can access short sound clips from the original Pink Floyd album by selecting the buttons beside each menu item. But here's the rub: Some insist that the buttons can only be selected using a DVD-ROM and mouse pointer; others swear that pressing your remote's 9 key will do the trick. You decide.

American Pie
Dip your remote into these fresh-from-the-oven Easter Eggs. From the main menu, go to Bonus Features and select Recommendations. In this section are theatrical trailers for The Blues Brothers, Animal House and American Graffiti. You'll find another tasty egg when you play the commercial for American Pie's soundtrack; the music video "You Wanted More" (by Tonic) follows the ad.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Here's an Easter Egg that fans of drag queens will want to slip into. From the disc's main menu, press the up-arrow key on your remote to highlight the star symbol. Press "Enter" to access a section called "Life's a Drag," which features some fascinating text and still photos on the origins of drag queens.

Stir of Echoes
There's a stir of showbiz fawning in this disc's Easter Egg. From the main menu, go to Cast and Crew and select Kevin Bacon. Highlight "Working with Kevin Bacon" to play clips of actress Kathryn Erbe and director David Koepp praising the man at the center of the "six degrees" phenomenon. Follow the same procedure on Koepp's talent-file page to see clips of Bacon, Erbe and co-star Illeana Douglas.

Mad Max
Car nuts will want to crack open these Easter Eggs! From the main menu, press the up-arrow key to highlight the "Mad Max" logo at the top of the screen. Press "Enter" to access a section about the futuristic cars in the movie. Looking for more? While going through the cars, highlight the yellow interceptor and then press the left-arrow key. The headlights of the car will light up. Press "Enter" to read a blurb on the Goose's motorcycle.

Blue Velvet
The disc's hidden Easter Egg fits the movie's dark humor. Go to the main menu and highlight "Play Movie"; press your remote's left arrow key to bring up a new menu entry called "Strange World." Press Enter and you'll be taken to a collage of scenes from the film, combined with messages that play like a whacked-out ad for the city of Lumberton.

Chasing Amy
This disc's Easter Egg boasts director Kevin Smith's trademark sense of humor. On the main menu, there's a Color Bars option that takes you to the test patterns used for television calibration. The bars feature an introduction by Smith, Ben Affleck, Scott Mosier and Jason Mewes, who tries to moon the camera! After the introduction ends and the color bars return, you can hear the group continue to joke.

Notting Hill
Here's a fun Easter Egg for music lovers. Using the remote control, select the alternative audio track to hear Charles Aznavour's version of the song "She" over the film's opening titles, rather than the newly recorded Elvis Costello version that appears on Notting Hill's original soundtrack. This only works using the remote; if you select alternative audio via the main menu, you can't access the Easter Egg.

The Mummy
Fans of composer Jerry Goldsmith will be glad they found this disc's Easter Egg. From the main menu, go to the Languages submenu and wait for the animated screen to finish: You'll hear Goldsmith's thunderous soundtrack in its entirety. Theatrical trailers for Gods and Monsters and Darkman II are hidden, respectively, in Brendan Fraser's and Arnold Vosloo's talent files in the Cast and Filmmakers submenu under Special Features.

For Love of the Game
Baseball fanatics will want to step up to the "On the Mound" trivia game. Correctly answer 10 or more of the 12 questions and you've hit a grand slam, entitling you to view a hidden, black-and-white short called "Slide, Babe, Slide" starring the Bronx bomber. If you need help with the quiz, here are the correct answers: 1. c; 2. b; 3. c; 4. a; 5. b; 6. a; 7. c; 8. c; 9. b; 10. c; 11. a; 12. a.

Austin Powers 2
Though the Easter Egg is advertised on the disc's back cover, that doesn't make it easy to find! Still, Dr. Evil's page is so much fun that it's worth the effort. From the main menu, go to Special Features. Watch Austin do his shtick, and don't touch anything. After about 1 minute, Dr. Evil's spaceship will come by, leaving behind the Evil symbol. Click the symbol to access a "Comedy Central" special about Dr. Evil.
If you're looking for more eeee-vil on this Mike Myers spy spoof, go to the Special Features menu and do … nothing. After a few seconds, the Dr. Evil logo will appear in the center of the screen. Click the logo to access the hidden features, including a 20-minute Dr. Evil mockumentary and a history of half-baked plans for world domination from spy flicks of the past.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Here's an Easter Egg you'll probably wish Kevin Smith had kept hidden! From the disc's main menu, go to the "Cast & Crew" section and highlight the menu entry for Jason Mewes's biography. Now, press the up-arrow key on your remote control. The word "Balls" appears on the screen (sorry, but you asked!). Press "Enter" to see a clip of Jason pulling down his pants and revealing a rather unusual body part.

Me, Myself & Irene
From the main menu, go to Bonus Features; from there, go to Deleted Scenes. In this menu, press your remote's down arrow in the first column of deleted scenes. Press "down" again after you get to the bottom of the list, and Jim Carrey's head will appear. Hit Enter and you'll be treated to sidesplitting bloopers from the film. Also, if you go to the main menu and do nothing, after a couple of minutes a menu will pop up asking whether you need to take a pill. If you answer, "No, thanks, I feel fine," the menus will switch to red "evil Hank" menus.

Try this Easter Egg on for size! From the disc's main menu, go to the second page of Special Features. Highlight the menu entry "Photo Galleries" and press the right-arrow key to highlight the spinning "M" symbol. Press "Enter" to watch a rehearsal tape showing Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson practicing their walk-off scene, complete with a commentary by Ben Stiller.

The Blair Witch Project
At last you can find out what was wrapped in that cloth: an Easter Egg! From the main menu, go to Special Features. Press your remote's down arrow until you highlight that creepy Blair Witch stick-figure symbol -- the rune. Hit Enter and you'll see two teasers for the film and a trailer for The Stand.

Some choice moments from director Paul Verhoeven's Las Vegas anticlassic make their way onto the DVD release as Easter Eggs. On the main menu, use your remote's arrow keys to highlight each neon letter that spells out Showgirls. Press Enter and each letter plays an audio clip from the film.
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