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Dodger's suck out fest

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Well, my trip to Reno last week wasn't as glamorous as Quads' and SJ's trip to Vegas, but very interesting.

Playing a 3-6 kill pot table at the Eldorado, I was working it very nicely, up about $120 after 2 hours or so. Look down to an AJo in the big blind on a kell pot. I routinely raise to $12 to find 3 callers and another raise. I re-raise, and evryone calls for 5 to the flop.
Flop comes a sweet Jh, Jc, Kh. I bet out $6, everyone calls except previous raiser, who re-reaises. I re-raise to $18 and everyone calls.
Turn comes a Ad, filling me up. I bet out $12, 2 call and am re-raised again. A little suspicious, but this guy had played real loose for about an hour, so I come over the top again. Everyone Calls.
River comes a Qh. The guy on the button chuckles. (he wasn't the raiser, just a cold caller) I didn't like the laugh, so I check. Checks around to him, and he flips over 9h, 10h, screaming, "you have pocket jacks, right? Bad beat Jackpot.". Beutiful, I ran up against one of Hagar's one-outers. The straight flush crushes my boat. And I was one card from collecting $24,000. Start the tilt-fest.
I come back later that night to win back about $250, but gave most of that back the next morning. Had a pretty "even" trip, but hate losing to one outers.
Worst of all, that guy wasn't even in the WSOP like my fellow BYOCers foes. Oh-well :roll:
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WOW...all these stories....Dodger....Quads.....I think my heart would've given out.... lol......

One nieve question...what's a kill pot table?
On a table playing a kill pot, if a person wins 2 hands in a row, he is given a kill button. The stakes for the next hand are double, and that person must post a full bet before the hand.
If you are playing on a 4/8 table, and you win two pots in a row, the stakes then go to 8/16 for the follwing hand. If you win that one TOO, they stay at 8/16 until someone else takes the pot.

There are also 1/2 kill tables. (half the increase)

They are a lot of fun.
Do the tables say "kill table"? I have only played at Circus Circus. Any in Reno or just Las Vegas?
They have them just about everywhere. Capitol has them, Derby has them. Sometimes it will be the only game going. Action junkys LOVE kill games. They can be fun if you're catching some good cards.

You have to be careful not to get scared of temporarily high stakes. Aggros will try to push the table around with lots of raises when a kill pot comes up.

Remember to react to your cards and opponents, not the stakes.
SacTeach said:
Do the tables say "kill table"? I have only played at Circus Circus. Any in Reno or just Las Vegas?
When I was in Reno three weeks ago, the only games available at El Dorado were Kill games...
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