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Derby Tourney 08-24-04? Anyone playing?

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Anyone planning on playing the Tues night $50 tourney?
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I'm new. What's this about? I can't find any information on it anywhere on the site.
i thought everyone played the "Slime" on tuesday?
To answer Anuj's question:
The Derby is a card room in Citrus Heights. There is a tourney there on Tuesday nights that is popular with many of the players in the BYOC group. There will be info on the card room in the Sac area which will be on the main page, but that has yet to be developed.

To answer Daddy's question:
Yes, we do the LL, and usually warm up with the Derby tourney. It's a $50 buy in and first play pais about 2500. They start poker class down at the LL round about when the tourney finishes, so we bust out of the tourney and head for class.
what time does the Derby start? you were saying that the Slime was pretty easy pickins.........still true?
Derby starts at 6:30. It's best to be there around 4:30 and get on a cash table ($4/$8) and then you are one of the first to sign up. Otherwise the line starts at 5 or so and you want to be pretty early in line so you are not burried on the alternate list.

LL can be depending on the night. The best is the weekends, but God was gracious enough to provide stupid people the rights to booze on all 7 days of the week. So it can be attractive on most any night. You jsut need to stake the table of who plays and who doesn't. And then of those who do play, how they play.
long stinkin line!

argh! I was so psyched to play in this tourney last night. I was hopin to meet some of you guys in person...

I was tied up at work for a while, so I called my buddy and told him to head down there to get us some spots. He got there at 5pm and was alternate # 46! DOH! The tourney director said that by the time we got on, the blinds would be 100/200. With only 1800 starting chips, that didn't sound like much fun.

SOoooo, my buddy and I headed to Capital Casino and played from 7pm - 11:30. Played the $3/$6 tables and went down $100, up some, down some and stopped while I was up $100. Good fun, great table with some easy reads.

Made two stupid mistakes that probably cost me around $35 - 40 total. 1st mistake, hit my straight on the river and was so excited I overplayed it... re-raising twice with a pair on the board. Of course my competition hit the Full Boat on the flop, so that was no good! DOH! Second error, (I'm holding K, J) J, Q,K on the board, 5 checks to me, I bet. All call. Turn comes 2. Checks all around I bet. All call. Then comes an 8. For some stupid reason, that 8 made me think that somebody hit a straight (of course that makes NO sense whatsoever... like I said it was a stupid mis-read on my part). So I checked it down and won with my two pair to a top pair A kicker. SO I missed some action on that one too. Probably could've gotten a couple extra bets in the pot.

All in all a good, fun night.

Still on my "to do list" is the Limelight. Thought about heading over there last night, but I liked my table too much.

Asher aka JesusFreak
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I wasn't able to leave the office until about 5, so at that point, I know better than to go to the Derby as I would find what Asher found. Best thing to do to get in that tourney is get on a cash table at about 4:30 or so and play until they come by (starting at the cash tables) and take tourney sign ups.

Instead went home, grabbed something to chow on and headed down to the LL and had one of my worse nights there.

SJ on the other hand went to Capitol and played the 9/18 table. While there, hit the jackpot with a K high SF.... nice eh? and I was thinking about heading down there with him....

who is SJ?

so he and I were there at the same time... whats he look like?

How much was the jackpot? That woulda been nice to have a piece of that too, huh? : )

oh well...
SJ is "Slack Jaw" his profile is posted in here and often goes by the name Steve or Hollywood.
He would have been playing the 9/18 table.
I don't know what the jackpot was, but I'm sure in the several thousands.
He looks like a white guy that is legally half black. Stack of chips in one hand and a wad of cash in the other. Probably had a smile on his face last night around 9PM.
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