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I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop in the Derby, hoping to recoup another shitty night last night.

So I walk in the door and the place is going ape-shit. I just missed the main game hitting the 100,000 jackpot. JJJJ beat by Royal on the turn. Evrybody sitting at a table (except the Omaha guys and boy were they whining) got at least a little peice of that. JJJJ got 40,0000, Royal got 20,000 (plus the 100 RF JP) the rest of the table got ~4,200 and everyone else got 277.

If that wasn't enough, it turns out the other Bad Beat JP was hit earlier in the day. Really freaky considering that both JPs were cleared out 3 weeks ago along with the Omaha JP. THoise things are really streaky.

I missed out on all the JP action, but managed to finally have a good enough limit session to get last night's racks back. It's been so long since I had even a reasonable session in a limit game that I had about given up. If it hadn't been so long, I probably would have stuck around and kept working the table, but I did want to lock up a decent win to get a little confidence back in my game.
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