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Will they let you register for someone who's not there? If you could sign me up, I'd play (and I'd even bring you the money and everything!)

They let one guy enter for about 5 others on the Saturday I played, but it seemed like it was not their policy.

I just can't get there in time to guarantee a seat and I sure don't want to go down there and not get in.

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I don't know for 100% sure. Dino told me once that they will let you sign up one (1) other person in addition to yourself.

If I'm there, and I have the cash, and I KNOW you are coming, I'll gladly sign you up.

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So i decided to try out the Tuesday night derby tourney, at the suggestion of Quads. Had to wait in line a while, but thats okay. Ended up with 100 entries at $50 a pop. I got seated at a table in the back with Quads and we were both doing reasonably well for a while. Started with $1800 in chips and had about doubled it when some guy with $40k in chips joined the table. I had a few early shoves, since i had been raised preflop with AA and KK in the hole.

I got to duke it out with Quads on a fun hand. I had JJ and quads had AT. A few others saw the flop, which came J23, which i didn't mind, of course. I bet $300 on the flop to which quads quickly called and i think the rest of them folded. 4th street was checked around and a blank hit. Another blank on the river, at which point quads led out and bet $1000. I raised to $2000, and then quads made it $3000, which put me all in. I kinda felt bad turning over my trip J's, since i was there at quad's invite! But my newly acquired stack didn't last long. I went from $10k to nothing in only a few hands. Guess I got a little too cocky. Ended up busting out about 28th or so out of 100.

The people at my table were nice and friendly and i'm sure i'll be back.

One thing i learned is not to order the "special" from the kitchen... the guy to my right informed me that the dish was 1/2 asian, 1/2 spanish, and 100% disgusting!
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