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My wife released me from my daughters slumber party at almost 8p (something about being too grouchy...), so I ran up to Auburn.

Walked in to a single almost full table playing NL. $100 max buyin, 2-3 blinds.

After an orbit or so got involved with an AJs in late postition. Raised to 12, and got 4 callers. Geeze. Flop comes 269 rainbow. The owner bets 20,
and got a couple of callers. Im out. Turn is a 8, (more action), river is an ace (more action) and the winner in the small blind made a straight holding 75. So much for preflop raising.

A few orbits later Im holding 10 4o in the small blind. Dollar to call and I do so. 4 players in the hand. Flop is 10 10 2. Im happy, but hate my kicker. Checks all around. Turn is an Ace. I bet 10, raised by the big blind, and one other caller. I call, thinking these guys have a pair of aces.
My river is a 4 giving me a boat. After a glance at the bad beat jackpot on the wall (noticing that my hand didnt qualify...) I bet 20. The big blind raises all in (another 17) and the third folds. I call the 17, and he flips up K10. My boat is the best hand. People around the table grumble about slowplaying trips, and the big blind grumbles about being rivered after slowplaying trips. :)

More on the thread about drunks in card rooms:

Guy who is plastered sits down to my right. Buys in for $100. Second or third hand tangles with another new player to my left (who has been there an orbit or so). There is some preflop raising, and action on the flop (a jack fell), turn and river. The guy on my left shows 10 10, and the drunk flips up J 10. he then stands up cussing about how the other player made a set. Everyone studies the board while the drunk storms to the door, actually has opened it and the dealer and another guy had to bring him back. He must have read the 10 in his hand as belonging to the board. So now we have a drunk doubled up player. He became pretty agressive after that, betting hard on every hand he was in. He was up over 300 when the decline came. Soon people were showing down with him and he appeard to be playing any two. He sucked out on a couple of those, but that dog wont hunt for long. Around 90 minutes later he was to the felt, and asked for a $200 rebuy. I objected, and told him he'd have to earn it. An hour later he was calling a cab. Too bad for Diane the dealer. He was mooning her all night and giving up $10 tips for each hand he won.

For the most part I wasnt getting hands I was willing to play against these guys. and preflop betting wasnt moving anyone off a hand. A guy in late position with AK bet 20 and got 2 callers (after perhaps 5 limpers) including the big blind, who claimed to be an Internet only player. The flop came 5KA rainbow. checks, the AK guy bet $30. BB calls.. Turn = 2. BB checks, AK guy bets something huge, and is raised all in by BB. He turns over 43 offsuite. Big pot.

Fun time though. Left a little after midnight with a 112 profit.

Non-poker news: One of the dealers apparently is cute enough, or endowed enough to get her picture in "Assets" magazine (emphasis is on which part?), which is apparently a girlie/poker/gambling magazine. Maybe someone can post that and the rumored Shana Hiatt vidio all at once?
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