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Commercial Advertising FAQ:

PMC has a very strictly enforced no spam / no commercial advertising policy.
Simply, we do not allow it. The forum is proud to have a specialty of forum sponsors who's products and services are geared specifically toward the users and general traffic of

General: Commercial signatures and hyperlinks are NOT allowed in posts or on your signature line. This also includes images or banners. If you actively participate in the forums, sharing knowledge and information, an occasional reference to your work *when applicable*... is acceptable. Otherwise, it's SPAM. Any posts not meeting this criteria will be deleted or edited without notice and your membership will be removed if the problem continues. (there are a couple people 'grandfathered' in because of their very long tenure in this forum, they know who they are, I know who they are).

Banner Ads:
Your banner will be added to the rotation in the forum, and inserted in headers, footers, and other targeted places within the forum for exposure to member and guest traffic. Banners are randomly displayed.

Paid advertisers get their own dedicated forum for promotion, specials, etc. This forum is moderated by the paid advertiser, and the forum moderators and administrators.

For more information, follow this link: The Perfect Man Cave - Advertise
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