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Heather and I had to go done to LA for the weekend to see her family, so i thought I would go check out one of the big ol card rooms down here. I went with my bro in law, Bill aka "mini-me", who came to the event at Daddy's place a while back.

First of all, the Commerce is huge. Must have well over 100 pokers tables! I sat down at a 3-6 table for about 3.5 hours. I wasn't getting very good cards, but I was able to extract the most $$ out of the hands that I did play. I bought in for one rack and left with $450, so certainly not a bad night... The folks at my table were rather boring, sleepy, nontalkative, etc, but I put up with it because I was consistently taking their chips.

The downside of having a good poker night (profit-wise) is that I always end up fantasizing that I could actually make a go of it at quitting the old job and putting in 40 hrs/ week at a poker table. But don't worry, because right when i get myself convinced it could work, Heather is right there to inform me that I won't be "going pro" at poker anytime soon!

If you make it down to SoCal anytime, you otta check out the Commerce. Next time I would like to try the Bicycle.

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I was down there a few month's ago. That place has more tables than ALL of the cardrooms in the Sac area put together. Amazing.

I'm glad you had better fortune than I. I think I drug 4 1/2 pots over about 5 hours. Miserable cards. Blah, blah, blah.
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