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Not the highlight of casinos/card rooms in the area, but thought I'd post anyway.

Hit the CC to meet up with my mom who flew in from Seattle. Played poker there for two days. Mixed it up a bit as well.

Sat for three long sessions of 3/6: first lost, second more than doubled my money and third broke even. It was interesting the second day to see "overs" buttons at the 3/6 table. Everyone who had this red button was allowed to play NL if the others were out of the hand. All but one at the table had the "overs" buttons. It was kind of fun!

I also played two small day tournaments where they only play for an hour. Buy-in was only $15. Got beat on the river with some good hands.

In between 3/6, I actually played at the NL table. First night I lost a little, second night I doubled my money and third lost only $100. Most play was pretty tight. Some large pots, including one that I took with over $250, by slow playing my full house.

The highlight of my trip was playing in their evening freeze out style tournament. They paid the top 6 players (50%, 25%, 15%, 10%, 5/6 a flat $40). Buy-in was only $20, with rebuys the first three rounds ($10 got you 500 in chips). At the end of the 3rd round, everyone could purchase an add-on, $20 for 2000 more in chips. There were 54 players in the tournament. The first three rounds, I played really well and got some VERY good hands to play from. I ended the 3rd round with 5x the chips. That's a good thing, since the remainder of the rounds got a little cold. I did, however, make it to the final table of 8. There were some small stacks like mine, except for three guys. Two got knocked out at the same time with all in bets that lost. This left 6 of us. I got one or two good hands and bet/bluffed my way into stealing the blinds plus first rounds of bets. At this point, blinds were $2000/$4000, so it was pretty profitable. Another left quickly thereafter. This left us with three big stacks and two smaller stacks (me and another guy). Well...after almost two orbits of this guy and me getting enough to stay in (him eyeing my stack of chips the whole time wondering when I was going to go all-in), he finally went all-in against a big chip leader. He ended up getting beat. Sweeettttt....

Another orbit went by and with my small stack, I went all-in with A/9 suited (best cards I had seen in a while). Ended up losing it. BUT, felt pretty good about a 4th place finish....and $290.

Overall.....a lot of playing......and very little money got the rooms for only $14.99/night with a free suite upgrade!

Very very nice. Sounds like a lot of fun and great experience. I hope you got a good visit in with your mom.
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