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I'm think about buying some chips. I've looked through the posts, and visited some of the websites Quads posted. Ok, I understand the selection, but:

What kinds of chips are good?

What do you own? Why do you like them or not like them? Are 8.5 gram heavy enough? 11 gram? 13? For instance, Hagar (I think) was talking about how the cheaper chip he has (If im correct, .10 at 5Stars) stack easier than the more expensive ones he has.

Has anyone held one of the "Soprano" chips? How does this compare?

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Rob, I bought through ebay. I think the seller was "chip express". I was able to get a pretty good deal on the "dice" design and was able to pick the color combo I wanted. The chips are considerably less expensive on ebay, but you have to pay attention to what your buying and the shipping costs. Most everyone has the 11.5 gram chips
Echoing Dodger's thoughts...

I have the 11.5 gram "suited" chips (a set of 1000). Hagar has 1 set of the 11.5 gram "dice" 1 set of the 9 gram diamond chips.

I think the 11.5g versions look a lot nicer. They are closer to what you'd find in a casino. The 9g chips are widely available in places like smoke shops and game stores so they're more common.

My 11.5g suited chips are great. They're exactly what I wanted (and I did get a smokin' deal on Ebay). I think most of us would probably say they like playing with the heavier chips, but I wouldn't go so far as to waste money on the 13 gram slugs.
As Doc said, I have the 9g Diamond chips and the 11.5 gram Dice chips. Both sets were purchased through Ebay.

If I had it to do over again, I'd get 2 (different) sets of the 9g Diamond chips. I don't know if the 11.5 Diamond chips are similar to the 9g (in feel), but that may be an option. The main reasson I got 2 different styles was for the purpose of running 2 different games at once.

For my book, the functionality is more important than the flash - you'll get over how "cool" your chips look pretty quick. As long as they stack nice, any chip works fine. They're just score keeping devices after all.

Ebay is pretty much the way to go. Several vendors have regular auctions running there. There is one deal running right now where they have 1000 11.5 Dice chips, 10 racks and the acryilic chip case (like Doc's and the ones I have coming) for a pretty good price. The problem with that deal is that it is being offered by the same vendor (plegend) that I had trouble getting my full shipment from (I did finally get the whole shipment).

I don't know what your plans are with the chips, since we have plenty between us, but if you're planning on gearing for a "big" table I'd recommend you get 1000 chips, with something along the lines of:

300 reds
300 greens
200 black
200 white (or other)

This gives you plenty of flexibility.

You'll need something to put them in. I'll have 2 500 peice aluminum cases or 10 racks for real cheap if you don't go with a deal that has this stuff.

The best deal by far was the 1000 9g chips, 10 racks and dealer button from 5star (via Ebay). I got all of that shipped for about $75.

Hope this helps.......
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Thanks for the feedback.

My motovations for a purchase are:
- I have friends with kids who can come over for the evening and play, but have trouble attending games (hence an impromptu 4-6 hand game)
-I have friends who need to learn better before they feel comfortable playing against a guys named Hagar, Quads, 'Heat, etc. They like the name Rob for some reason :)

My wife has given a semi-green light to hosting. Her attending this weekend will go a long way to make her feel comfortable.

How do you guys feel about an outdoor game? We have a really large gazebo, with fairly decent lighting. We'd need to tone it down a little after 11p, but...

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As long as the light is OK and there's no wind problem, outside is fine with me - I prefer being outside most of the time.

If noise is going to be a problem, you might want to reconsider. While we can control the steady banter noise level, there will always be those special moments when a loud out burst will involuntarily erupt from the table - it just can't be helped.
Chips are an interesting thing. Fist I'd say do some education on the topic.

First read this:
Drew's Chip Guide

Then read about chip makers, designs, etc.:

Then understand the pro's and con's to the 9g versus 11.5g chips:

Inconsistent quality of 8.5g poker chips

More and some specifics on the "Clay" chips that are 11.5g

When you read that, compare them all at the chip chart:

Additionally, get samples of ALL the chips you are considering buying. Buy what you like best, and what fits your budget. I personally like the true clay chips from Blue Chip Company as well the Ceramic chips by Chipco.
Others that are worth a look are any chips from Bud Jones Co., Paul Son, Co. and Nevada Jacks. After reading Drew's chip guide, you will have a better understanding of how chips are made, which chip companies are related to one another, and more details about chips that most people don't know.

Finally, decide what you want and hunt around for the best price.
I ended up with the James Bond chips from Blue Chip Company. ( ) I (for obvious reasons) like mine the best, but also woiuld consider others that are out there. If I were to buy chips again, I would still spend the extra money for a true clay chip. You get what you pay for.
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All -
Thanks for the advice -

I bought the inexpensive $75/1000 (ok, 76/1000 with shipping) ones that Hagar has.

My main decision making factor came down to the Kids. Cant keep em out of everything, particularly the things you want them out of. So I'm sure we'll have poker chip castles (and lost chips) around the house within a couple of days of receipt. :). I'm sure my son will be selling them back to me before long....
"Cant keep em out of everything, particularly the things you want them out of."

All you need is two things......a toilet and some handcuffs....keeps kids out of everything!!
Two fond phrases of my childhood were:
"Honey, get me some duct tape" and the ever trusty....
"Don't make me get the barbwire out"

Yeah, my kids are definitely my karma.

You guys got my edited post. My origional included the line:
"you get in trouble if you beat them too much..."

I already got a good talking to for duct taping my son to the gazebo....
How much?

How much and for how many should one pay or is considered a good deal for the 11.5 g chips? There are LOTS to choose from on Ebay.
Buying Chips

What I did was I logged on to ebay.

Looked over the selection, and found a couple of examples each of what I thought I wanted. Set those to "Watch" and didnt participate in the bidding. When the bidding ends, your watch list is preserved, with bid history and final winning bid. This gave me a going price list, and I used it as a basis for my bidding, and what might be considered a 'good deal'. You have to factor shipping into this as well - generally $20 for 500 chips, and $40 for 1000.

As for how many, Quads and others have posted urls to sites which will help you determine the number you need. Take a look at the earlier posts in this thread and in another thread on "chips having not yet arrived".

Hey Greg...I got my set on Ebay from 5stardeal. Mine are the 11.5g suited chips. It's a set of 1000 that included trays and a dealer button (and also some ordinary casino cards, but they're nothing special). It's the "Texas Hold'Em Set" that 5stardeal sells by auction and at their Ebay store.

I think I got a smokin' deal on mine. I won the auction at $91, plus $20 for shipping. I did what Rob a few auctions to see the going price before I bid on mine though. The sets were going for $110-$120 at the time I bought mine. My advice though is to pick an auction that ends in the middle of the night. That way you can avoid some of the people who wait around and bid up an item in the last 10 minutes. I went to bed and entered a max bid of $110. In the morning I had it for $91.

I will say this for 5stardeal...I have placed 2 orders from them in my life and they screwed them both up. They sent me the wrong chips initially, and a couple weeks later when I ordered a chip carrier they sent me the wrong case too. They fixed the problems, but of course it was a hassle. I don' t know that I'd ever order from them again, but lots of guys in the group here have never had any problems with them. Mark ("Hagar") has bought lots of stuff from them and says he's never had a problem. Maybe I just got unlucky.

The nice thing about 5stardeal is that after you win an auction, you complete the order on their web site where you can pick and choose the colors/quantities of your chips, as well as add other purchases to the same order without increasing the shipping costs. That's pretty convenient. Despite my bad luck, I think they have a pretty good reputation.
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As mentioned, check out the various chipsets on 5stardeal's website but, whatever you do...please, for the love of & not get the Phil Hellmuth chips --
I also purchased my "dice" 11.5 g chips thru 5stardeal from one of thier Ebay auctions. I'd echo what I've read above about watching the auctions to get a good deal. I paid $49 for the chips and $20 for the shipping. Thats about $30 off the price of getting the same thing direct from 5star.

There is a big difference that I saw from samples that I ordered as far as feel etc depending on who the seller is ordering from. Some dice samples I got were really poor quality and some were great. The chips I got from 5star were closer to great but not the best. Ovferall I'm really happy with them.
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