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I had the choice of heading over to Casino Windsor or hitting up one of the rooms in Detroit. Being that I have played in the Detroit casinos several times, and not having had a session at CW, I decided to take the bridge over and grab a set.

This will be somewhat of an abbreviated version of my session there. Below are a few of the notable hands or points that are still fresh in my mind.

First glance in the room, impressed.
Clean, nice tables, seemed to be well run
Selection of games, somewhat limited. ($3/6 Limit, $5/10 limit, $1/2 $100 Max buy in NL, and a $2/5 $200 Max buy in NL game)
Number of table: I think there were about 20 if I remember correctly.
There was a short wait so I took a seat in the $5/10 limit game to kill some time and wait for my name to be called.
Looking around the poker room, I noticed this:
Tons of LCD's with nothing but Hockey, sports tickers with nothing but hockey, people drinking nothing but Canadian beer. Hells Yeah! My kinda place.

Generally speaking, the room was filled with younger players. A few folks were over 40 or 50, but mostly the younger crowd.
Dealers were very courteous, polite and just about every time you won, they pushed the pot and said "Nice hand Sir". Even if it was an ass hand or wasn't showed down. You won, they complemented you on it.
The service was good. Always a fresh supply of drinks, cocktails, etc. for those who drink / play.

The NL games are timed games. The time fee is a little high ($7 per push / $14 / hour) This is somewhat fair if you were getting 25 hands an hour, but we weren't. We were getting maybe 15. The other issue I had with it is that they would not allow a pot pay when the new dealer sat down. (all the players play one hand, the winner of that hand pays the fee for the table) ((very common in Vegas rooms with a timed game))
The dealers pool their tokes. (I'm not a fan of this because it rewards the bad dealers)
The $200 cap on the buy in for the $2/5 game.
The $100 cap on the buy in for the $1/2 game.
I think both of these should be doubled.
No other limit games such as $10/20, $15/30, even a kill game of some sorts.
The room isn't closer to California.

I went to the cage, gave them my $200 bucks UDS, they gave me $228 CAD. Sweet! I'm already up $28 buck!

I sat down at the $5/10 table, and quickly learned what I didn't want to know. There were 8 other players at the table playing it as though it was a $1/2 limit game and would run you down all the way to the river. After a few hands of someone catching runner runner on me, I adjusted my game to suit their style of play. I went back to the cage to get another $228 which brought me back in line with most of the table as far as stack go.

Raised every hand, never checked if it was checked to me, and bet / lead out ever pot if the action was to me, first to act. (I know, you're scratching your head right now, but this was the mentality of the table)

30 minutes (Canadian) later, I was up to about $800, just about doubled up. Then my name was called and I was faced with the decision of leaving the slot machine, or staying. I left. Not knowing that I was being called for the $1/2 NL game with a max buy in of $100.

None the less, I sat down there and started playing. About an orbit into the game I realize that it's almost the same game as the $5/10 game, other than one or two somewhat skilled people at the table, most others, spouting off about pot odds, and making the draw when they were 4:1 but can't tell you the math on it and still playing ass hands in the worse positions and catching some odd 2 pair when they spiked their 6 on the river to show down with aces up. Whatever.

Again, after runner runner, I get up to go have a smoke, and one of the kids (couldn't have been a day over 21) comes out to have a smoke and make small talk with me outside the poker room, OK, cool. we chat, this that, cool cat off the table. I'll call him "Sammy", because that is exactly who he was trying to be. Unlit smoke in one hand, sunglasses, pressed shirt, slick talking table captain. Finishing our smoke, he pops off with a few "Rounders" quotes and heads back into the poker room.

I get back to the minutes later after taking a leak, washing my hands, etc, and sat back down. I sat down to a missed blind button, so I posted to buy late position. I look down at Aces. That's what I'm talking about! I've taken a few pots while sitting here so I'm sitting at about $250 / $300 or so in chips. 8 limpers around to me and I jack it for $25, hoping to just snag the 20 buck that is out in the middle and not get aces snapped off my some punk ass two pair. The raise dropped a few players, and I think 4 of us saw the flop. Scratching my head, I get 4 way action with a $25 raise in late position. Wow.

Flop brings me a set, which is checked around to me, so I value bet it, rather than checking, which would be my typical play in an uncoordinated flop. Again, I get 4 callers. There was a deuce on the flop, and before the turn came out, I called for a deuce. "Dealer, I need a deuce! I can't win the hand without a deuce". Turn comes a deuce. UTG opens the betting for $20, 2TA raises him and makes it 2 bets,, it's $40 to go when it comes to me. I pop it for $140. I lose all but one person and get a caller to the river. I've got less than $100 or so left at this point, so I move all in dark. (I think the count was $90) BTW, "Sammy" is who I kept in the hand, calling me down. He is stumbled by my all in bet and starts probing me. I told him, I needed the deuce, I bet the deuce, if he can beat a full house, then he should call. He goes though his chatter, puff puff on the unlit cig, shades off, shades on, blah blah blah and tells me that he believes I'm bluffing.
"For 90 buck I'll show you a full house"
"I don't believe you"
"If you can beat a FH, then call and let's get on to the next hand"

He finally calls, I flip over my full house, and he shows J/6s to show a J high flush that he made with runner runner.

Send it.

Sammy then starts with how he can't believe he played that hand, got sucked into the pot, blah blah blah. I reminded him I told him exactly where I was in the hand, and that I usually, a lot of the time do so.

"Aww, I still can't believe you got there" he says
"Sammy, I flopped a set of aces, where was I going to go?"
"I didn't put you on aces"
"Ya think?"

Sorry, didn't mean to ruin your table image.

"Quads, $200 NL, Quads, $200 NL"
"That's me folks, gotta go, it's been a pleasure playing with you, I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening" Sat down at that table with $100, was snapped off, got another $100, and left with $600.

I took a seat at the $2/5 game and was still rushing. I built most of my stack in one hand where I got in a pot with 4 (yes, four) all ins.
I had Q/Q and the flop came Q/9/9 and everyone shoved. Amazing thing about it was that it was FH over FH over FH. With that board, pocket 6's and pocket 8's called the all in fest and the turn was a 6. The other player showed A/9 off. Cha Ching. That hand, and a few other smaller pots put my stack at about $1200 or so. I then went into lock down and started playing about 5 different hands. New players sat down, and it seemed as though they would simply feed the rest of the table. One guy sat down, was all in his first hand. Pocket 10's and, yep, you guessed it, got 2 callers. I got nailed in a few other pots, but for the hands I got outdrawn or didn't get there with, I got paid 4x in the later hands where I did make my hand, and the river was seeing 4 and 5 way action. There ended up being a few decent players at that table that were a lot of fun to play with, made a lot of good moves and plays, that deserve respect. The table seemed to have a full / always fresh supply of new players with new money that would sit down and always wanted to dance with the big stacks with marginal hands, only to end up paying them off.

The game wasn't tight by any stretch. I started the session in the room at about 9PM and made my way to the cage to cash out / money exchange around 6AM. Total cash out from the $2/5 NL table was $1600 in chips, and $1300 in bills. I was glad to sell off chips to rebuys and new players to keep the action going so over about 6 hours, I was slowly collecting Canadian hundies.

All things considered, I'm on / have been on a pretty good run of cards right now, but that game is a very soft game (at least from my experience). The action is lose and there seems to be a fair amount of money that comes into the table.

Total for that trip (after going downstairs and playing some Pai Gow) was about $3,800. A great run to say the least.

I'd really have a hard time, knowing that the action is that juicy in that room stopping at Greek Town if I were in Detroit looking for a B&M room to play cards in. Being that it's another 20 minutes across the bridge and in that room. I don't know if it's like that all the time, or if this was a "one of the few" nights, but I couldn't believe the action.

Broght home a few chips from the casino, some good memories, and a little cheddar. Always a good thing no doubt.

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Nice!! That Canadian money spends just as well in our BYOC games.

With your good run and my good run this past week, we should jet up over the hill if you have time and run that Peppermill game or something again. This time no excessive drinking, though :x


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That was a pretty sweet hit, if you ask me lol! yeah, call me when you're up for throwing some cards... we could do auburn if you want to after the new years... i'm sure i'll have the excessive drinking out of my system by then :compress:

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