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Cache Creek Open

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For anyone interested,
Cache Creek is having their 1st Annual Cache Creek Open Poker Tournament in February. It will consist of 3 events. I could not find any info on their website but if anyone is interested shoot me an e-mail at alymars at comcast dot net and I can scan the flyer and forward it to you.
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Has anybody got their BYOC gear from Jerry yet? I was waiting to hear about a hat. This would be a good time to wear some gear to this tourney especially since it sounds like alot of us will be there. Let me know Pimp.

If anyone wants to share the room cost either on Thursday or Friday, let me know. I am on spring break, so I'm thinking of going to the tournament. What the might freeze over........ :)
At Cache Creek or at the Toothless Wagon Wheel Inn?

If that's the case, let's all go in on the room. Should only cost us 20 bucks a head. You can get 10 or so people in a room.

I'd prefer Cache Creek....easier to kick back whenever you want......

Anyone want to carpool it to the Thursday event? I'm only thinking of Thursday nights game at this point.....
I can probably pool with you. I playing all 3 events, but will be coming home each night.
Anyone know if they will be having 1-TABLE SATELLITES for the Saturday event? $550 is a lot to pony up for a buy-in for most of us. I could justify $60 for a satellite much easier.
Also, the flyer says that sign-ups begin Feb 14 for all events. Do you guys think we will be okay signing up on the day of the event? Or is it worth an extra trip out there?
Why don't we do our own satelite? This is something easily in our grasp.

10 players, $55 ea, winner take all with the understanding that it buys a seat in the Saturday event.

(or ~$80/player, 1st pays out Saturday's buy, 2nd pays out Friday's buy-in....)

I'll run it first weekend in Feb if there's interest.
I'm interested. Post a thread in "Sac Games" and let's get on it.
I think it's a great idea. if there is that much interest, we could do 10 at 55 and another 10 ta 35 for the other tourney.
I'll go ahead and start plans for a $55 buy-in for 10 players for a seat in the Saturday game. All of the possible variations that we could do could get quite complicated and screw this whole concept up. I'm just gonna keep it simple.

If you want to run a different event, go right ahead.
Good idea Hagar. Would be great concept to keep doing for alot of the smaller tournies coming up like the World Poker Challenge in Reno.
My wife and I making it a mini vacation. Going up Thursday night and coming home Sunday. We'll wee you there.
Just when I thought we might actually pull something like this off......

I heard from one of our players (Al) that Cache Creek has canceled all of their tournaments until further notice due to staffing problems (as in Poker Manager) are settled.

I called them today and sure enough, as of right now, the CC Open has been canceled. There's a possibility things will be resolved and they'll go through with it, but they don't know at this time. The gal I talked to recommended that I call back in early Feb to see if there is anything new on this front.

So where does leave us and the satelites? Good question

At this time, I think I'd like to continue to schedule as if it's going to happen. It will be easier to cancel this than to revive it at the last minute.

I guess there's no reason why we couldn't do the satelites any way and just payout in cash whether there is a CC tourney or not, but I don't think I'd be interested in participating in a Winner Take All tourney, just for the sake if it. I'm not sure why it matters, but somehow it does.

So: Sign up if you're interested, but beware that we may end up canceling the satelites somtime during the first week of Feb.
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Man that bites. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this Hags and I would love to still play with multiple winners paid or just convert the whole thing to a 2 table tourney night with cash game to follow like normal.
Well.....that kinda blows my whole reasoning for not playing now doesn't it?
either way

That does bite! But, we can still play them as planned and have a side game going when one table becomes free.....
Has anyone heard an update regarding the tourney?
Per mark from the weekend, they have cancled the event.
Who knows?!?!

I'll call them next week and see if their status has changed.
Well then forget CC I'm changing my mini vacation to Arizona for some golf and relaxation.
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