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Cache Creek Open

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For anyone interested,
Cache Creek is having their 1st Annual Cache Creek Open Poker Tournament in February. It will consist of 3 events. I could not find any info on their website but if anyone is interested shoot me an e-mail at alymars at comcast dot net and I can scan the flyer and forward it to you.
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How about scan the flyer and post it here?
Sorry Quads but I dont know how to post it here. I scanned it and saved it to my desktop. Now what?
email it to me. I'll get it posted here. (OR) if you have a place to host hte image, then put ip up there and link to it with the tags.

or... just email it to me!
or....I'll just email it to you when I get home.
I'm just noticing the dates on those.....

Looks like the Wifey and I are spending our anniversary at Cache Creek!
Looks like the Wifey and I are spending our anniversary at Cache Creek!
You're such a romantic..... :clown:
feb/march back to back tourneys

this is f_cking beautiful... Cache Creek in Feb, then the reno Tournament in March. Perfect. I just need my t-shirt printed up first, "I'm on a draw"


Where do I find information on the Reno tournament? When does one enter? On-site or online months ahead?
Anyone interested in going to the Cache Creek Open? I am considering entering either the Fri. $230 or the Sat. $550 buy in game.
I'm planning on hitting the Friday $230 event.
I'll be there.
I know SJ and Blondie will be there as well.
I've spoken to Don of PP nad he is planning on being there.
I should be able to hit the Friday.
I'm thinking real hard about the Thursday event, maybe the Friday (depends on how the BR is looking next month) and if they have some kind of room rate for the tourney players.

I wonder where they're going to hold it. Looks like they're planning on 33 tables - their card "room" only has about 10 tables and I doubt that they'd clear out the slot machines to make the room bigger.
I am interested in carpooling on Friday and coming back some times on the same day (if I bust out early I will play some side game. Most likely I would need a ride from East Sac. I am perfectly willing to chip in for the gas. Maybe the BYOCers who are going could coordinate something.
I am looking on going that Friday as well.
The room rate at CC is a rip off. I'm getting a room (if I stay over the weekend) at the Toothless Wagon Wheel Inn over in Woodland.
Friday start time is at noon so even if one of us win it and play some side games, should be over with in time to drive home late that night.
If I win Friday, I will be a 100% confirmation for both Sat and Sunday and will pay their over prices rate for their rooms.
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